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Compulsory Hijab and the Murder of Women:
Key Tools of the Fascist Islamic Republic of Iran to Strangle the Whole Society
September 17, 2022

Editors’ note: volunteers are responsible for this translation of this post from the Communist Party of Iran, Marxist-Leninist-Maoist.

The murder of women like Mahsa Amini is an existential necessity for the Islamic Republic [of Iran]. Overthrowing this regime is also an existential necessity for women and the liberation of all the oppressed and exploited in society. The religious-fascist character of the Islamic Republic is embodied in the repression of women who do not give in to the servile relationships imposed by it. We have realized this fact from day one of the obscurantist and reactionary Khomeini [Ayatollah Khomeni, who came to power in 1979] issued his order for the compulsory wearing of the hijab.

Immediately, tens of thousands of rebellious women rose up against this arrogance and violation of the humanity and freedom of women, showing the whole of society their power and the necessity to overthrow the new theocratic regime. This regime of bloody terror came to power 44 years ago, but it soon became clear that it will continue as long as the terrifying night of religion and class society exists, and especially [under the rule of] the religion that came to power 44 years ago.

Mahsa (Gina) Amini, only 22 years old, from Saqqez (Kurdistan in Iran), was arrested in Tehran on Tuesday, September 13, by the forces of the Islamic fundamentalist Morality Police. Two hours later, half-dead with blood gushing from her ears, she was taken to the intensive care unit of Kasra Hospital, and according to [medical personnel], she died in a coma caused by a stroke. 

A lot of anger and hatred has erupted from people’s hearts, but it is necessary for this to be transformed into a struggle to overthrow the regime. The Islamic Republic knows that in women it has a great enemy, and that it will be held accountable at the hands of the people for every drop of blood they have spilled. The implacable struggle for the liberation of women from the Islamic Republic needs to become much sharper, a line of demarcation for millions of people against the misogynistic arrogance of the Islamic Republic. The struggle against the regime’s compulsory hijab and Sharia law is fundamental. Not only the collaborators and sympathizers of the regime, but every individual and group that has remained silent must be questioned without any hesitation to determine their position: Accommodating the fascists has no happy ending for anyone!

The special violence of the anti-women Sharia laws of Islam must be met with conscious and organized opposition and protests from large numbers of people. A better future for society depends on this implacable struggle between women and the Islamic Republic becoming a clear line of demarcation for millions of people against the Islamic Republic, and for the Islamic Republic's anti-women arrogance to receive a strong response from society. The Islamic hijab and anti-women laws must be opposed en masse, and crushing them must become a mass movement throughout Iran. If we can do this, there will undoubtedly be a breath of fresh and liberating air in the country, and the seeds of hope for a fundamentally different future that is a thousand times better, and a determination to fight for it will be planted in the hearts of millions of oppressed and victimized people of the Islamic Republic.

The reactionary limits imposed by the Islamic Republic must be crossed and widely opposed by millions, so that it becomes impossible for the regime and its repressive agents to maintain them. The oppression of women [based on] ignorance and religious backwardness has placed its oppressive stamp on the lives of every person, man and woman. As we have said many times, any type of disregard for this by the protest movements of workers, teachers, students, pensioners, etc. only strengthens the regime's hand in the repression of all protest movements. Leaving this need unanswered opens the door for a worse situation. There should be no doubt about that.

Death to the Islamic Republic! Long Live the New Socialist Republic of Iran!

Communist Party of Iran, Marxist-Leninist-Maoist (


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