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Contribute Now to Support the Texas Revcoms at the Border in Eagle Pass


Editors’ note: Below is a letter that can be sent out to people you know to call for donating to the work of the revcom crew now at the border in Eagle Pass.

Dear XXX
A team of revcoms (revolutionary communists) has been traveling to Eagle Pass, Texas.  This is a small border town that has become ground zero in the escalating repression of immigrants and intense conflict between the rulers of this system. 

We have been challenging people around Eagle Pass with this message: “We don't have an immigration problem, we have an imperialism problem. We need a real revolution." We are working to “fight the power, and transform the people, for revolution.” (See our latest video, on the dueling visits of Joe Biden and Donald Trump to the Texas border with Mexico). 

Dueling visits to the border by Biden and Trump, Same damn system! We don’t need more murderous repression of immigrants. We need revolution for a whole new way to live!

Texas’s Republi-fascist governor Abbott has strung miles of deadly razor wire along the Rio Grande around Eagle Pass. Numerous people, including small children, have drowned as a result. Texas has occupied the city park of Eagle Pass with National Guard troops, and Abbott recently ordered construction of a permanent military base just south of town. Texas’s onslaught has the full support of Donald Trump and 24 Republican governors. Convoys of rabid anti-immigrant MAGA supporters have gathered around Eagle Pass and demanded the border be shut down. 

Abbott and his fellow fascists are aiming to undermine and delegitimize the authority of the federal government in service of a genocidal, Trump-fueled MAGA-fascism. But meanwhile, Genocide Joe Biden has deported and expelled more immigrants than any other president, vowed to shut down the border, and essentially eliminate asylum.

As the revolutionary leader Bob Avakian said in a recent social media dispatch:

This is not a time to be siding with one group of oppressors or another. This is a rare time—a very rare opening—a chance that may come only once in a lifetime—a chance to take advantage of the deep divisions among the ruling oppressors and go after their whole system, with the aim of bringing the whole thing down, and putting something much better in its place.

This is what we're working toward—but we can't do this without your support!

The revcoms have been aiming to break through with the message of real revolution— to seize on this opening. We've been interviewed in the Spanish language media—from Mexico and the U.S. We have reached out to people in laundromats, fast food restaurants, and taquerias. We’ve set up our banner demanding an end to the attacks on immigrants in a crowded park and a trail ride. We’ve participated in protests of Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s fascist “Operation Lone Star,” marched through downtown Eagle Pass, and done creative street theater exposing the deadly razor wire Abbott has installed in the Rio Grande. We have put up scores of stickers and posters around Eagle Pass, and listened to or watched videos of revolutionary leader, Bob Avakian, with small groups of people.

And this is just the beginning.

Will you contribute to this urgent project—to impacting society with the only way out for humanity, at a time when the revolution we need is more possible? 

Eagle Pass is hundreds of miles from other Texas cities. The costs of getting there, sustaining a crew there for days at a time, printing and preparing materials for broad impact in Eagle Pass and other Texas cities, are substantial. 

If you are horrified by the racist vitriol directed at all immigrants; if you are alarmed at the direction society is careening toward; if you want to see a real way out for humanity—make a financial donation so the work of this team can continue, and contribute to wrenching a revolutionary solution out of this madness. 


At University of Texas at Austin, for an International Women’s Day Bake Sale

Austin, Texas: IWD bake sale raised nearly $200 for revolution.


Revcom supporters baked cookies and cupcakes for an International Women’s Day Bake Sale to Break All the Chains at University of Texas on March 8, 2024. It was the day before spring break and most students were rushing to class or to the airport, but we raised $189 and handed out about 75 “zines” (little booklets) of the Revcom statement for International Women’s Day. Throughout the sale, we played BA’s social media dispatch for IWD on a small speaker, as well as the words to the dance "Battle Cry to Break All the Chains."  Photo: Special to   

At an unofficial SXSW event

Vic with sign as the revcoms raised almost $200 at Univ of Texas at an unofficial SXSW event.


The revcoms were invited to set up a table outside a University of Texas residential co-op during an unofficial SXSW event. They raised about $200 for the revolution selling mac & cheese, cookies, and cake balls.  Photo: Special to   

The revcoms chat with students outside a University of Texas residential co-op during an unofficial SXSW event.


The revcoms chat with students outside a University of Texas residential co-op during an unofficial SXSW event.  Photo: Special to