Day of the Verdict on the Murderers of Ahmaud Arbery



Get Organized For Revolution – Nothing Less!

5 p.m., Gardner and Beverly Boulevard (Pan Pacific Park), Los Angeles

Everyone who wants to fight for justice should be in the streets the day the verdict is announced in the trial of the murderers of Ahmaud Arbery. You can use this flyer from the Revolution Club in Los Angeles as a template:

White Supremacist lynch-mobism is on the loose and being given a green light. The fascist punk Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted for the murder of two heroes protesting for Black lives.  Now we await the verdict of the modern-day lynching of 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery.

There can be no passivity and silence in the face of this. A line has been drawn. 

Which side are you on?

In February 2020, Arbery was jogging through a neighborhood in Glynn County, Georgia, when he was pursued, shot, and killed by three white men. The trial of the three lynchers—father and son Gregory and Travis McMichael and William Bryan—has been underway in Brunswick. They're claiming self-defense when they were the ones who stalked and then murdered unarmed Arbery. Whatever the verdict, this lynching must be opposed.

We have to get Organized NOW for a real revolution to overthrow this system that has white supremacy built into it. No more open season on Black people. No more fascist terror.

Bob Avakian, the revolutionary leader and author of the new communism, has said:

Instead of fighting and killing each other, what people need to be doing now is uniting to defend each other—opposing all unjust violence, not launching attacks on anyone but at the same time not allowing the police or “civilian” fascist thugs to wantonly brutalize and murder people. And people need to do this as part of building up the forces for revolution.

This Is A Rare Time When Revolution Becomes Possible—
Why That Is So, And How To Seize On This Rare Opportunity




The Day Of protests in other cities:

  • SF Bay Area: 6 pm, Oscar Grant Plaza, 14th and Broadway, Oakland

  • Chicago: 5 pm, Federal Plaza

  • New York City: 6:00 pm Times Square @ Red Steps 47th & Broadway

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