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Israel Turning Jews into NAZIs Part 1: 
Netan-NAZI Turns Rafah into the Warsaw Ghetto

“Israel has done something truly incredible—Israel has managed to turn Jews into Nazis!”
from Bob Avakian, as a companion to his statement that: After the Holocaust, the worst thing that has happened to Jewish people is the state of Israel.

In 1939, the NAZIs invaded Poland and occupied the capital, Warsaw. At that time, Warsaw was second only to New York City in Jewish population, and a global center of Jewish life and culture. 

Central to the NAZI ideology was rabid, violent, dehumanizing antisemitism (for background, see Revolution Responds to Question on Nature of Holocaust). The NAZIs ordered Jews throughout Poland to flee for their lives to the Warsaw ghetto. Over 400,000 Jews were packed into an area just over one square mile in size. The ghetto was surrounded by 10-foot-high walls topped with broken glass and barbed wire. NAZI soldiers were positioned to shoot and kill anyone trying to escape. Starvation, disease, and death were epidemic. Telling the world that Jews were being “evacuated,” the NAZIs shipped about 265,000 Jews from Warsaw to the death camp at Treblinka, in the process massacring 35,000 Jews who resisted, or simply to create a climate of terror that drove people to get on trains to Treblinka.

1943 Jews removed from bunkers in Warsaw


German NAZIs remove Jews from the bunkers they were sheltering in as the Warsaw Ghetto was liquidated, spring 1943    NARA

In 1943, poorly armed Jewish resistance fighters fought back, killing some NAZIs, and in a one-sided slaughter, the NAZIs killed 7,000 Jewish fighters and non-combatants. Captured survivors were shipped to Treblinka. When the army of the Soviet Union (then a socialist country) liberated Warsaw at the end of World War 2, there were only about 11,500 Jews left there.

Today, Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu (Netan-NAZI) have turned the Palestinian city of Rafah in the Gaza Strip into a modern-day Warsaw Ghetto. Almost a million and a half Palestinians have been driven by Israel’s U.S.-supplied 2,000-pound bombs, missiles, tanks and bulldozers into the town of Rafah on the border of Gaza and Egypt. In the Middle East winter’s cold and rain, they sleep in the streets or in “shelters” of plastic tarps. Israel continues to choke off food, medicine and fuel, and communicable disease is epidemic.

Palestinian mother and child and others evacuate safe zone Rafah, Gaza, after Israeli strike, December 20, 2023.


Palestinian mother and child and others evacuate Rafah, Gaza, after Israeli strike, December 20, 2023.     Photo: AP

On February 8, Netan-NAZI ordered the people now packed into Rafah to “evacuate.” According to reports in Israeli newspapers, people in Rafah are being ordered to go into a “safe zone” where they would be trying to survive in conditions as crowded as the Warsaw Ghetto but sleeping in the sand, without water, food, or electricity instead of overflowing apartment rooms. Areas Israel designates as “safe zones” have no running water or bathrooms, and tents provide little protection from winter’s cool, rainy weather. And Israel has consistently bombed “safe zones” during the entire genocidal slaughter in Gaza.

In one form or another, the Zionist state of Israel is moving to do to the Palestinian people in Rafah what the NAZIs did to the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto.

Bob Avakian provocation quote on Israel.


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