A Call to All Who Want a Better World…

June 12, 2021 MARCH!


MEME for June 12, 2021: DEMONSTRATE — Los Angeles and Other Cities for a Real Revolution


A Call to All Who Want a Better World…

June 12, 2021 MARCH!

From Southwest College, Los Angeles to the LA County Sheriff's

Show the World:
We Are Getting Organized

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Q&A with Bob Avakian: What would you say to youth who have been cast out by this system?

Q&A with Bob Avakian: On Mistakes and the Arc of One's Life

What Are They Afraid Of?!

LA County Sheriff's Deny Permit for Revolution Club March on June 12
The Revolution Club Says this March Will Go Forward
People Begin to Raise Their Voice to Demand the Permit Be Granted

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LOS ANGELES SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT: Racist Murdering Thugs in Uniform and Nazi-like Prison Guards; Murderous Enforcers of THIS System

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