The LA Sheriff's Department Is Just as Murderous, Racist, Repressive and Putrid as the System They Enforce

Like the system of capitalism-imperialism they “serve and protect,” the LA County sheriffs are straight-up murderers—killing in cold blood Andŕes Guardado, Latino, and Dijon Kizzee, Black, from South Central last summer—just two out of 300 murders by the sheriffs since 2000. Of course, they are just one cog in a worldwide machinery of death and destruction that murders people and endangers humanity.

Like the system they enforce, the sheriffs are racist—they have white-supremacist gangs who give their members tattoos when they murder someone Black or Brown. Of course, the cowards who run this system have always relied on racist gangs and Klans to do their dirtiest work. White supremacy is built into this system, like it’s built into its pig departments.

Like the system they desperately defend, these pigs try to repress what politically threatens them—last summer they viciously attacked people, including young children, for “crimes” like demonstrating in the streets or holding a press conference. And 50 years ago they infamously killed four people at the largest Chicano march against the Vietnam War ever held.

Because the system they enforce has no answers for our youth—no real jobs, no good education—they pack people into jails by the tens of thousands, mostly Black and Latino. Just like the system they serve, with its more than two million prisoners, they turn those jails and prisons into inhuman pens.

When you get right down to it, these pigs are cowards—running in packs, shooting people in their backs. What are they afraid of? The people—once they stand up.

In all this, they are perfect representatives of the system they enforce: capitalism-imperialism. They are puffed up now… until we, the people they oppress and repress, get organized, for revolution and move, when the time is right, to defeat and dismantle the whole machinery of violent repression this system sits on.

And we ARE getting organized, now. Join us.

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