May 10 – May 17: National Fund Drive to Raise MAJOR Funds for this Revolution

What would you give to see a world without oppression and exploitation? A world without borders, brutality and mass destruction of our planet? Match your heart and aspirations with your resources – contribute to the revolution, and raise funds from others.

Now's a rare moment when revolution could be possible... a moment where your funds and fundraising efforts can have magnified impact.

This won't happen without you. If you want to see a fundamental change, you are responsible for being part of making that happen... for contributing funds and raising funds from others. Join the national week, May 10 – May 17, where your efforts will come together with the efforts of others all across the country to build up the financial support necessary for this revolution.

Start making plans – yard sales, neighborhood car washes, collective change jars, fundraising parties and getting with people who can make larger contributions to match the community efforts. Taking place all together and all across the country, May 10 – May 17.

How to Donate to the National Revolution Tour

  • Venmo: “@RevolutionTour”
  • CashApp: $revtour
  • Send a check or money order,
    payable to RCP Publications,
    memo line: National Revolution Tour. Mail to:
    • RCP Publications
      Box 3486, Merchandise Mart
      Chicago, IL 60654-0486
  • Paypal: 

A generous donor gave $1,000 to revolutionary internationalist May 1. This was matched by many smaller donations at the gathering in South Central LA.

Hi all Frontline Revolutionaries! I hope this $1,000 donation can inspire someone to donate matching funds Now. This is an historic opportunity for mass awakening and leadership that only passes once in a Jupiter or Saturn year.

Sustain and Donate to – Spread BA and Revolution at this Unprecedented Moment!

Thanks in large part to the generous financial contributions of readers, we have just gone live with a major rebuild of the technology that drives the website!

Implementing this new technology provides a foundation for to be at the core of solving a problem with great stakes for humanity at this moment. That problem is: We have – with the leadership of Bob Avakian (BA) – the vision, strategy and leadership for the real revolution humanity so desperately needs. But what we do not have is thousands now who can bring forward millions into the movement for revolution at this rare time in history when a real revolution is possible.

Now a new leap in fundraising is necessary for to leverage the new technology and urgently expand the site’s reach and impact. That in turn requires an expanded, and ever-expanding community of regular financial sustainers. Join that community today by pledging to sustain on a monthly basis and struggling with others to do so as well!