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In Memory of Mahsa (Jina) Amini and 
For the Emancipation of All Women in the World

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This is the collective declaration of seven groups, issued on September 16, 2023. It has been signed by more than 200 people including artists, academics, workers, doctors, lawyers, journalists, human rights activists and civil activists, women's rights activists and labor activists. Please share it if you agree with the framework of this statement and show your solidarity.

We do not tolerate that the Islamic Republic still remains in power after 45 years, condemning women to compulsory hijab, to Sharia laws and to theocratic patriarchy.

We do not tolerate the fact that the fascist Taliban regime has reduced women to virtual slavery, nor that women and girls commit suicide every day out of hopelessness, nor the twenty years of the US-[Afghan] Republic rule that brought pain and suffering to the majority of the women of Afghanistan.

We do not tolerate political Islam in Turkey that has imposed Sharia law on women, and [Turkish President] Erdogan's use of nationalism and religion, to simultaneously suppress people and strengthen the pillars of its fascism.

We do not tolerate that in Iran, our Kurd, Baloch, Arab, Lors, and Afghan people [refugees] continue to suffer national oppression, while power only changed hands between the Shah and Sheikh [Mullahs].

We do not tolerate that in Afghanistan, our Hazara, Baloch and Turk [Uzbek] people continue to suffer national oppression, while power only changed hands between the Mujahids, the Taliban, and NATO.

We do not tolerate that due to poverty, unemployment, destruction of the environment and the economy under the domination of capitalism-imperialism, our people in the global South are forced to emigrate and are either killed, sexually violated or assaulted on the way, or are humiliated and subjected to racism at their destination. 

We will not tolerate that our people in Ukraine are victims of imperialist wars and the shadow of nuclear war hangs over all of us. We will not tolerate fascist attacks on women and LGBTQAI+ in Europe, in the US and in Israel. We will not allow religious superstition to enforce cohesion in a fractured society by dominating scientific and creative thinking. 

We will not tolerate the imprisonment of dissidents, fighters and freedom-seekers everywhere to bury revolution, which is the only possibility for people to get rid of this situation …

We are all the oppressed of the world. And on the anniversary of the extraordinary Jina uprising that was like the heartbeat of the whole world beating in Iran, we intend to use everything we have learned to clear the path to overthrow the Islamic Republic, the patriarchy and the whole system of domination [exploitation and oppression].

The Jina uprising crossed a red line. By waging struggle against the compulsory hijab, it targeted the heart of the Islamic Republic—its misogynistic Islamic ideology. This forced all groups and individuals in Iran and around the world—from artists and athletes to workers—to take a stand and declare their position. By showing the potential of women, the Jina uprising inspired the people of the world, and made the possibility of revolution visible even to non-believers. It caused world powers to mobilize to try to contain it within the framework of the profit-based system and the ways of thinking that it produces.

However, we face just one reality and necessity: despite the importance and influence of the Jina uprising, the Islamic Republic is still on its feet [standing]. 

We must show people that this reality is serious and also that we are serious about overthrowing it. Despite all the courageous struggles that have taken place, no one should expect that the next waves of people’s uprisings will gradually and spontaneously become more radical, leading eventually to revolution! [No!] Revolution means overthrowing this regime with the aim of uprooting all these crimes. Revolution and a movement for revolution must be built from today. The issue of compulsory hijab is still decisive in people's struggles against the regime. This means that we need to challenge the mandatory hijab in every way possible and, through that, to challenge the Sharia legal system and the Islamic Republic as a whole throughout society.

The Jina uprising turned people's gaze toward the [forces in] opposition to the Islamic Republic. Unholy alliances were formed and dissolved in insubstantial disagreement, which fueled both illusions and discouragement. What strengthens the people against the Islamic Republic is neither that kind of alliance nor that kind of division. The real [basis of] alignment of the opposition should be clarified for the people based on whether the society they will build will be merely a continuation of the oppression, exploitation and repression that exists in class society, or its abolition. This reality puts squarely in front of activists the urgent necessity of accelerating debate over alternative [futures].

The global capitalist system has put humanity in a 24/7 state of emergency, but it has also created the basis for our unity. We, the fighters against war (today, against the proxy war between the imperialists of Russia and the imperialists of NATO), the fighters against destruction of the environment, against patriarchy, against government repression and imprisonment all over the world, from Iran, Afghanistan and Turkey to the US, we who oppose  Islamic fundamentalist regimes, and political Islam in the Middle East—especially in Iran, Afghanistan, and Turkey—we who are against the whole capitalist-imperialist system that caused all these disasters, we have a common struggle: to mobilize for building a new world. We have an internationalist outlook, because we are one body [people] and every struggle we take up, in whatever corner of the world, is a struggle on the world stage and not limited by borders.

List of organization names:

  • Act for Change Movement—Afghan revolutionary grouping based in Europe.
  • Bread and Roses—Organization and publications that grew out of the women's movement Turkey.
  • Osyan/Rebellion—the voice of women’s rebellion to express the determination, and to serve the struggle against the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Taliban.
  • Baloch Women’s Movement—The Baloch people are an oppressed ethnic group of nationality in Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.
  • Youth in Exile—youth exiled from countries of the Middle East of many political perspectives who united in the #Saturdays4freedom movement to respond to all political and social issues and  be the voice of the people of Iran and Afghanistan.
  • Burn the Cage—Burn the Cage, Free the Birds is a movement in Europe to free Iran’s political prisoners, made up of the supporters, friends, and families of the political prisoners. 
  • Afghanistan Women’s Study Academy—a newly founded academy for women's studies in Berlin. The AWSA's inaugural program included the address by former political prisoner Somayeh Kargar. 

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