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Sights and Sounds:

Outrage and Protest Across the Country as Videos of Deadly Police Beating of Tyre Nichols Released

Memphis: People protest in the streets after release of video of cops beating Tyre Nichols.


Memphis    Photo: AP

As the videos of the horrific Memphis police beating of Tyre Nichols, leading to his death, were released on Friday, January 27, outrage at the murder of—yet again!—a young Black man spread across the country. And people were out in the streets in righteous protest, calling out Tyre’s name and demanding justice—from Memphis, where people took over a major bridge for several hours… to New York City, where protests disrupted business-as-usual at Grand Central Terminal, Times Square and elsewhere… to Los Angeles, Atlanta, Washington DC, and other cities. Protests continued in many cities on Saturday and Sunday.

As we’ve written here at “It is crucial to fight for justice for Tyre Nichols, and not to stop until it’s won. But unless and until we make revolution—unless and until we overthrow this system… unless and until we defeat and dismantle their armed forces of repression and violence… this same shit, along with all the other horrors this system brings down, will go on. And on. And on. We need a revolution—an actual revolution….”

On this page are some sights and sounds from this weekend’s protests.


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The video ends at 17 seconds.

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People blocking freeway underpass to protest the murder of Tyre Nichols


Protesters blocking freeway in Memphis after the videotape of the police beating Tyre Nichols is released, January 27, 2023.    Photo via twitter video: @apiotrowski9 

Los Angeles

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New York City

New York City, protesters march down 14th Street after bodycam of cops beating Tyre Nichols was released.


New York City    Photo: @mwatsonnyc

Protest in Times Square, NYC, when bodycam of Memphis cops beating Tyre Nichols was released


Protest in Times Square, NYC, when bodycam of Memphis cops beating Tyre Nichols was released, January 27, 2023.   

Washington, D.C.

"You are not alone Justice for Tyre Nichols" wall projection protest in Washington DC


A wall projection protest in Washington, D.C. on January 27, 2023: "You are not alone. Many others are feeling the pain of another public, violent and unjust modern-day lynching. Justice for Tyre Nichols."    Photo via twitter: @ppasquini

North Carolina

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Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville, Kentucky protests murder of Tyre Nichols.


Louisville, Kentucky    Photo: @LindAllenWDRB

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