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Protesters Against Genocide in Gaza Disrupt Easter Mass at St. Patrick’s

New York City, March 30—St. Patrick’s Cathedral is among the most well-known institutions of Catholicism in the U.S. On Saturday night, shortly after the cathedral’s head, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, began Easter Mass, three protesters went in front of the altar with a large banner saying “Silence = Death” to interrupt the mass with their defiant action. They were demanding that “all faith leaders take immediate and vocal action against genocide and ecocide.” Extinction Rebellion New York said in an Instagram post about the protest addressed to “Beloved Community” (read their whole statement here), “With thirty thousand dead in Gaza and all life on earth threatened by the climate crisis, every individual and every institution that values justice, peace, and love has a duty to oppose genocide and ecocide in a way that can be clearly seen and heard by all. This is especially true of those institutions that have a history of responsibility in the centuries of colonial occupation and exploitation of poorer nations that preceded this disaster.” 

More such righteous protests are urgently needed.

Disruption of St Patrick's Cathedral NYC Easter Service by @xr_nycforpalestine (Extinction Rebellion NYC for Palestine) 

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