Revolutionary Internationalist May Day 2021
We Are Human Beings... We Refuse to Accept Slavery in Any Form

The Revcoms Step Out…And People Begin To Step In

Saturday, May 1, marked something not seen in a long a time in this country. Over 300 people nationally, in Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, and a few other cities came together under the banner of revolution to declare that WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS! WE REFUSE TO ACCEPT SLAVERY IN ANY FORM — and to learn about and get organized for an actual revolution to put an end to this system. In Los Angeles, 100 people, including several carloads from northern California, attended the rally held in the South Central neighborhood, a place where the lives of the basic masses are all too often lives of agony, desperation and hopelessness.

In This Rare Time When Revolution Becomes Possible…
DONATE to—and be Part of—the Fall/Winter $30K Fund Drive

At this time, we must expand our reach to the tens of thousands who do not yet know—and must know about—this revolution and the leadership we have in Bob Avakian.

There is no site like in the world today… where people in this country and internationally can get introduced to and connect with the leadership we have in BA… where people can get a lively scientific analysis of major developments in society and the world, how they relate to the system we live under, what the interests of humanity are, how revolution is the only solution, and how people can and are moving to build toward that revolution. Our bilingual site reaches thousands of Spanish-speaking people the world over.

To fund this—and go even further—we’re raising $30K this fall/winter. Contributing to this drive is a crucial way to be part of this movement for revolution. How you can be part of this:

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