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Jason Aldean: People who burn the American flag should “Try that in a small town” and “see how far you make it down the road.”

Revcoms: We burned that rag at your concert AND we’ll do it again!

Revcoms Stomp and Burn Flags at Jason Aldean Show in Tinley Park, IL

In the weeks leading up to the Jason Aldean concert in the Chicago suburb of Tinley Park, the Revcoms pledged that we would CALL OUT fascist country singer Jason Aldean and burn an American flag at his concert in defiance of his Lynch mob anthem, “Try That in a Small Town.” And that is exactly what we did this past Saturday.

Earlier in the week, a broader coalition, led by the Revolution Club, Chicago, held a press conference announcing our action at Tinley Park. This press conference also included important statements from Paul Street with Refuse Fascism; Tio Hardiman, Executive DIrector of Violence Interrupters; as well as others.

Hey @Jason Aldean We're gonna stomp on the flag AND light it up!

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This was covered in an article in the LGBTQ community newspaper Windy City Times. The article quoted The RNL—Revolution, Nothing Less!—Show correspondent Rafael Kadaris: “We are announcing that we will be at [Jason Aldean’s] concert this Saturday in Tinley Park to declare: No more lynch mobs in and out of uniform. No more standing by while 'Good Ol' Boys' prepare for civil war. We need and we demand a whole new way to live. We are organizing for a real revolution.”

When we got to the meet-up spot, Rafael gave a powerful speech about why it’s so important that we’re out here standing up against this fascist slimebag and the whole “MAGA” movement to bring back the “good ol’ days.” He talked about the need for revolution, yes a real revolution, and the leadership we have for that in Bob Avakian.

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We soon began marching to the entrance of the amphitheater, right in the face of Jason Aldean’s frothing fascist fans who were flipping us off and threatening us.

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Leo Pargo from Revolution Club, Chicago gave a fiery speech about why he was burning the flag, and then set it on fire right in front of the show. “We’re getting organized right now for a revolution to get rid of this system of capitalism imperialism... I burn this fuckin american rag because this country stands for slavery, genocide and war... Look at the police brutality and murder of Black and Brown people here. And what the U.S. military does around the world. That's why we burn this piece of shit rag...”

Then the police came out and threatened to arrest us for “alarming and disturbing others.” If we disturbed these Jason Aldean fans and these police enforcers, GOOD! What's alarming and disturbing is that a lynch mob anthem ("Try That in a Small Town") about murdering protesters and people who stomp on the flag went to the top of the charts this summer. People need to wake up to what's happening, stand up to these fascists, and get organized for revolution to get rid of the whole system which spawned them.

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Inside the concert, as Jason Aldean was introducing “Try That in a Small Town,” a courageous member of the Revolution Club, Chicago held up a banner that said “Jason Aldean is a fascist lynch mob instigator” before she was forced out by security.

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Some media coverage so far:

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It is good that a diverse group of people took action against this fascist shitshow. These MAGA Nazis are already murdering people in the streets, from Jacksonville to “small towns” in California. Those in power are stripping away basic rights. And worse is yet to come. We can’t allow the terms to be set by these monsters, nor by Democrats and spineless liberals trying to hold on to the “norms” of this oppressive system. The revcoms need to come to the forefront in the fight against fascism, impacting all of society and building up the strength to lead millions to overthrow the whole system and replace it with something much better. This was just the beginning of what’s needed.

And to Jason Aldean: this will not be the last flag we burn at your concert. As our Points of Attention for the Revolution say, “We fight for a world without borders, and for equality among different peoples, cultures and languages.” We're not just fighting for “our own,” but to make a real revolution to emancipate all humanity!

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Image from Instagram: RevComs take on Jason Aldean fascist shit.


Watch these two videos:

Rafael Kadaris on The RNL—Revolution, Nothing Less!—Show talks about country singer Jason Aldean’s rallying cry for civil war

Chicago Revolution Club Call Out Fascist Country Singer Jason Aldean… & Challenge YOU to Stand Up

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