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From Sunsara Taylor:
Donate to "‘Woke’ Lunacy vs. Real Revolution" Campus Speaking Tour


I am writing to ask you to donate generously to a fight I am waging that is as controversial as it is necessary.

“Woke” Lunacy vs. Real Revolution is the name of the campus speaking tour and campaign that I have launched, together with Rafael Kadaris and a team of revcoms.

The initial stops in Berkeley and San Diego have struck a deep chord. One attendee put it this way:

Sunsara turned woke-ness on its head and made it feel comical. She was inspiring. Instead of crawling in the dirt, cancelling and obsessing over identity, she lifted our sights to a real revolution that sets all of humanity free. Afterwards, a throng of young people formed around Sunsara to keep talking and just touch her fearlessness.

Why is it so crucial for you to donate to this effort?

Look around: Abortion bans. Anti-trans laws. Brutality at the border. Relentless racist murder by police. The looming threat of fascists returning to power in 2024. Humanity's very future imperiled by climate change and the danger of a potentially nuclear war between the U.S. and Russia and/or China.

“Woke” lunacy is paralyzing and intimidating decent people who should be fighting back. It is providing fresh fodder for fascists to viciously attack every cry for justice.

Campuses should be crackling with debate over the source and solution to injustice. They should be hotbeds of resistance and revolution! The arts and intellectual life should be filled with work challenging us to think and dream outside our comfort zones.

Instead, we see destructive moves to tear down and cancel individuals based on “identity” and accusations alone. We see demands for “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings” to hide from reality. We see moves to censor art and books that don't conform to the constantly mutating standards of woke-ness.

Many people grumble about this. We are daring to radically change this!

I encourage you to check out the coverage and clips from the first stops of this Tour, as well as the powerful series we have produced on The RNL–Revolution, Nothing Less!–Show.

I also urge you to dig into the penetrating analysis of “woke” identity politics by Bob Avakian (go here). One of the most important dimensions of the new communism that Avakian has forged is his thorough rupture with the poisonous notion that the “ends justify the means.” He brings this to bear in his contrast between the petty reforms and revenge that characterize “woke” and the real revolution and emancipation that humanity needs. This is the approach that is guiding our Tour.

Now, we have to step this campaign up and amplify it nationwide.

Our biggest event yet will be at UCLA on May 24.

We'll be broadcasting this speech on May 26 on a special episode of The RNL–Revolution, Nothing Less!–Show and hosting screenings nationwide.

Will you give $250, $100, or $50 to this effort? Earmark your donation “woke vs. rev.”

Radical change is coming, one way or another. Through your donation to the “Woke” Lunacy vs. Real Revolution speaking tour, you can have a huge impact in waking young people and others to fight for and win the future humanity deserves. Please give generously.

Sunsara Taylor


The masses of people around the world are suffering terribly, this system is splitting at its seams, and the planet stands at a precipice. What this cries out for is:

World changing, not word changing…

Heart, not snark…

Unity, not MY identity…

Emancipation, not cancellation…

Soaring the heights, not lowering of sights…

Science and daring, not “competing narratives”…

A REAL revolution, not an appeal for “inclusion.”

Donate NOW to help put revolution on the map!

As the world burns, do you hunger for a future fit for human beings and the diversity of life on the planet?

Threats of nuclear Armageddon… racist murdering cops, abortion-banning theocrats, anti-LGBTQ terror… All this will only get worse unless and until we make a revolution to get rid of the system of capitalism-imperialism enforcing and furthering this nightmare.

To build this revolution... to make this revolution known... to raise people’s sights requires your financial support.

In this rare time when the rulers of this country are deeply divided and cannot “hold the country together”—the revolution we are working for is urgently necessary, and more possible.

Right now, we are working urgently to put this revolution on the map. This requires funds on a major scale.


Your donations contribute to:

  • Printing and distribution of the Declaration and Proclamation—a message on the walls that we don’t have to live this way
  • Promotion of the Bob Avakian Interviews on The RNL—Revolution, Nothing Less!—Show (voice of the revcoms) through advertising and major showings
  • Production of the website, where you get unique analysis of major events and trends, learn about the revolution and how to be part of it, and find the major works of the revolutionary leader Bob Avakian
  • Support the revolutionary leaders and committed young revolutionaries putting revolution on the map, who are anchored in Los Angeles