To: Every employee of American news media who cheered for Marina Ovsyannikova, the Russian TV editor arrested for courageously protesting the Ukraine invasion on air

Marina Ovsyannikova, Russian TV editor, courageously protesting the Ukraine invasion on air.


Marina Ovsyannikova, Russian TV editor, courageously protesting the Ukraine invasion on air.   

Did any of you do anything even remotely similar when America wantonly invaded and killed hundreds of thousands of people in Iraq, with blatant and widely refuted lies about weapons of mass destruction? If you did, please let us know and we will celebrate you. If you did not, then your cheers are meaningless, or worse.

And two more questions:

When do YOU intend to protest the ongoing—and far worse—U.S.-sponsored proxy war in Yemen? 

Finally, when will all of you TV hotshots and pundits who yammer and hammer about the need for “no-fly zones” ever explain to your viewers that such a move could very, very possibly lead to a civilization-threatening nuclear exchange?

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