Sights and Sounds from:

U.S. and International Protests in Support of the Iran Uprising

Berlin, October 22, 2022, protest in support of freedom for Iran.


Berlin, October 22, 2022   

On October 22, tens of thousands of people around the world—from Berlin to London to Sydney to Washington, DC, and many other places—took to the streets in a “March for Iran.” Here in the U.S., aside from the national capital, marches took place in cities across the country, from New York to Atlanta to San Francisco and Los Angeles. Coming from many different perspectives, people protested against the reactionary Islamic Republic of Iran and in support of the courageous uprising of the masses in Iran, especially the women. On this page are sights and sounds from just a few of the protests that day.

United States

Washington, DC

Washington, DC, Supreme Court, October 22, 2022: RevComs carry banner to People of the World Support Iran


Washington, DC, October 22, 2022    Photo:

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San Francisco

San Francisco October 22, 2022 rally for Iran with lead banner, Freedom for Iran


San Francisco, October 22, 2022    Photo: @protestpix

San Francisco, October 22, 2022: IEC Iran political prisoners banner


San Francisco, October 22, 2022    Photo:

October 22, 2022 San Francisco rally for political prisoners in Iran


San Francisco, October 22, 2022    Photo: @protestpix

San Francisco, October 22, 2022: woman reads leaflet about Bob Avakian


San Francisco, October 22, 2022    Photo:

New York City

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Los Angeles

Screen shot of march in support of iran uprising October 22, 2022


Los Angeles, October 22, 2022   

Los Angeles, October 22, 2022: RevComs hold sign for CPI-MLM statement.


Los Angeles, October 22, 2022    Photo: @revclub_la

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Berlin, Germany

March in Berlin in support of Iran uprising October 22, 2022


Berlin, Germany, October 22, 2022    Photo: via twitter @Omid_M

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Berlin, Germany, October 22, 2022: CPIMLM banner


Berlin, Germany, October 22, 2022. Banners of the Communist Party of Iran–MLM.   

Bogotá, Colombia

a march supporting the Iran uprising in Bogotá, Colombia


A march in Bogotá, Colombia supporting the Iran uprising    Photo: Comrevco

supporting the uprising in Iran distributing leaflets in Bogotá, Colombia


Marchers supporting the uprising in Iran distribute leaflets in Bogotá, Colombia    Photo: Comrevco

Paris, France

Paris rally for freedom for Iran Political Prisoners, October 22, 2022


Paris, October 22, 2022   

Montreal, Canada

Montreal lead banner—Freedom for Iran—in march for Iran, October 22, 2022


Montreal, October 22, 2022    Photo: Maryann Azimzadeh

Vancouver, Canada

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Sydney, Australia

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London, England

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Istanbul, Turkey

Outside consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, Iranian women shout slogans against morality police in Iran.


Istanbul, Turkey, October 22, 2022    Photo: AP


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