Bob Avakian On COVID and the Importance of Getting People Vaccinated


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The Importance of a Scientific Understanding and Approach

by Bob Avakian

As I have noted recently, there is a serious problem in this country that many people are refusing to get the vaccines against COVID, when in fact these vaccines have been clearly demonstrated to be safe and effective against serious illness and death from COVID... Read more


From Bob Avakian:
On COVID, The Importance Of Getting People Vaccinated, And The Very Real Problem Regarding Rampant Individualism

Extreme individualism—the concept that “I have a right to do whatever I want, in line with my sense of my personal freedom”—is a tremendous problem in this society today, among all sections of the people. And one of the worst things about this is that this extreme individualism is actually a point of unity between some Black people, and other oppressed people, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, the genocidal racist fascists. What a terrible situation where some Black people and other oppressed people can actually find themselves in the same place as those fascists who regard them as inferior sub-humans and want to deny them basic rights, lock them up permanently, or outright exterminate them!... Read more


Also From Bob Avakian:
Important Points of Theory and Method Regarding Freedom and Restrictions on Freedom

The following are helpful in getting a deeper sense of the basic content, and the method and principles, involved in the article On COVID, The Importance Of Getting People Vaccinated, And The Very Real Problem Regarding Rampant Individualism. All are available at Read more


For Nicki “Mirage” and Others Doing Real Harm:  Some Straight-Up Scientific Truth

From Bob Avakian
Discouraging People from Getting Vaccines Keeps the COVID Pandemic Going and Killing More People—Especially More Black People

If you are someone who influences people, and you don’t know the scientific truth about COVID vaccines—how they are crucial for saving lives and dealing with this pandemic—the least you can do is not spread dangerous disinformation about this. Just shut up about vaccines until you get real scientific knowledge about this... Read more


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