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From the International Emergency Campaign to Free Iran’s Political Prisoners NOW:

“Don't Let Them Kill Us”: Letter from Isfahan Prison Recalls 2018 Call

Editors’ note: We received the following from the International Emergency Campaign to Free Iran’s Political Prisoners Now! (IEC).

We received this communication in Farsi, below is the translation by an IEC volunteer.

Today, a paper was published that was released from Isfahan prison, which contained a short and horrifying message from #Saleh_Mirhashemi, #Majid_Kazemi and #Saeed_Yaqoubi: "Don't let them kill us."

The sentence is reminiscent of one of the last letters of #Zaniar_Moradi* who was executed at dawn on 7 September 2018 along with his cousin #Loghman_Moradi.

There were shocking sentences in Zaniar's letter, including where he wrote: "Don't let me be executed. Is the world so cruel that it will watch this scene where my cousin and I are executed in the street and not say anything or do anything?"

The full text of Zaniar's letter:

"My name is #Zaniar_Moradi. Now I am sitting on death row on the other side of the world in the city of Karaj in Iran and I want to talk to you young people in Europe and America, to you young people of my age in Japan, Australia, France, Africa and everywhere in the world. Don't let them execute me. Is the world so cruel that it watches this scene where my cousin and I are executed in the street and does not say anything or do anything? I know that this fear of mine and this request will reach you through the Internet. So just take a few minutes, take a few seconds and hear from me how hard it is to face death at the age of twenty-one, to live with the nightmare of death and to be afraid of the footsteps of the prison guards and to tremble every moment!

"We have been imprisoned for three years now. I, Zaniar Moradi, and my casemate #Loghman_Moradi, were under torture for 9 months. They beat us so much that we couldn't walk anymore, and even today my back hurts a lot and two vertebrae in my back are broken. They told us that if we don't say what they want to hear, they will rape us and we signed the letters they brought to us. And now we are standing one step from death with a rope in a street in Tehran or Marivan, the city where we were born.

"These days, I heard that they are making preparations for our execution, and for four days I am not feeling well, I can't sleep at night, and I thought that maybe I can help myself with this letter. Don't let them execute us. In any way you can, try to use youthful initiatives and make the Islamic government of Iran see that we are not alone and that the world is protesting this cruel verdict. We hear the sound of your protest and your movement of protest here immediately. I am waiting to hear the news of your protests of people of my age."


#Republic_of_execution #Execution_is_intentional_murder_by_the_state


* Zaniar Moradi was from Kurdistan province of Iran, detained for suspected membership in the Komala Party


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