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Eagle Pass, TX and San Ysidro, CA: 

The Escalation of the Fascist Offensive... The Capitulation of the Democrats... And the Revolution We Urgently Need

RevComs at a rally in Eagle Pass, Texas, February 2, 2024.


Friday, on the International Bridge between Eagle Pass, Texas and Piedras Negras, Mexico for the starting ceremony of the annual Cabalgata Internacional/the International Trail Ride which was on its way to the rodeo in San Antonio, TX.    Photo: @TheRevComs

This weekend saw a fascist escalation of the forces mobilizing against immigrants at the U.S./Mexico border in Eagle Pass, TX and in San Ysidro, CA. This involved hundreds of people in a convoy that called itself “God's army” to “take our borders back” in both places. And a gathering of fascist governors echoing the Southern slave states before the Civil War who argued for “state's rights.”

But this did not go entirely unchallenged. In both cities, the revcoms—revolutionary communists—were there to oppose the fascists, and fight for revolution. 

In the words of a local San Diego NBC news broadcast, “there were two different visions of immigration and border security that collided near the border in San Diego....” They contrasted an attendee at the fascist gathering in San Ysidro, saying “take back the border,” and Michelle Xai of the revcoms saying, “the emancipation of humanity.”

See below for videos and pictures from both cities... and stay tuned for more.

At this point, the fascists have the initiative—with too many decent people either ignoring or dismissing the very real danger. But it is significant that the revcoms—though too small in numbers—went right into the middle of this intense political situation—with real courage, and aiming to unite people broadly—to repolarize but for the revolution humanity needs. 

Fascist Lunatics Assemble

20240201 Flags for sale at Take Back Border Convoy, Dripping Springs, TX


Flags for sale at the Take Our Border Back Convoy in Dripping Springs, Texas, on Thursday Feb. 1, 2024    Jay Janner/Austin American-Statesman via AP

On Saturday, the main gathering of the “Take Our Border Back” convoy held a Christian fascist revival 30 minutes outside of Eagle Pass. This was full of baptisms, praying, and conspiracy-addled America-first speeches. While they kept saying how peaceful they were determined to be, the speeches held an undercurrent of violence and threats of violence. Aside from Trump rallies themselves, this was one of the largest gatherings of pro-Trump fascists since January 6, 2021. 

At the same time, there was a smaller fascist rally in San Ysidro, CA with the same themes.

On Sunday, the fascist governor of Texas, Greg Abbott held a press conference with 13 other governors in Shelby Park. Several weeks ago, Abbott ordered the Texas National Guard to seize the Park, turning it into a fully militarized zone and intensifying the political standoff with the Biden administration over who has jurisdiction over the border. Standing in front of dozens of gun-toting Texas National Guard, they talked about the “sovereignty” of Texas and the need for it to “defend itself.”

February 4, 2024 Texas Gov Abbot Press Conference Shelby Park


February 4, 2024, Texas Gov. Abbott press conference Shelby Park, with official Texas/Israel emblems. Photo: Screen capture, Official video   

All these gatherings whipped up genocidal racist hysteria about a so-called “invasion” of migrants at the Southern border.  And they spread lies about terrorists, rapists and criminals flooding through “Biden's open borders.” 

But the truth is that Biden has agreed to close the border entirely if the fascists sign on to his bill to fund the proxy war against Russia in Ukraine, and to fund Israel in its genocidal slaughter of Palestinians. While there are irreconcilable differences among them over how to maintain this oppressive system, Biden is taking up much of the fascist program on immigration—without the same level of bloodlust. He has also deported more immigrants than any president in history. 

The Revcoms 

In both Eagle Pass, TX and San Ysidro, CA the revcoms spoke to what all this represents, the fact that this system of capitalism-imperialism has no real answer to the crisis that this very system has caused... the sharpening divides among the rulers and throughout society... the way that all this intensifying and coming to a head could create openings for the revolution we need to bring a radically different society into being. 

They argued for the importance of what we have in the leadership of Bob Avakian (BA), who has brought forward a strategy for this revolution and written the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America. In the run up, the revcoms in LA took all this to masses throughout the city. In Eagle Pass, they united with people coming from different perspectives not to back down in the face of dangerous fascist threats, while struggling with people over the need, and possibility, for revolution in this time.

If we are to have a chance, this revolutionary force needs to grow to thousands, and have increasing impact—quickly. As BA speaks to in his social media dispatch, Revolution #8:

With thousands organized into the ranks of the revolution, millions can be won to revolution; and with millions won to revolution, there could be a real possibility for this revolution to win.

Stop The Demonization And Deportations Of Immigrants And The Militarization Of The Border!
We Don't Have An Immigration Problem; We Have An Imperialism Problem!
We Need And We Demand: Revolution, For a Whole New Way To Live, a Fundamentally Different System.


Stay tuned for more from Eagle Pass.

Revcoms at a rally in Eagle Pass, Texas, February 2, 2024.


Friday, on the International Bridge between Eagle Pass, Texas and Piedras Negras, Mexico for the starting ceremony of the annual Cabalgata Internacional/the International Trail Ride which was on its way to the rodeo in San Antonio, TX.   

Statement from Revcoms at the Border in Eagle Pass, TX

We are revolutionary communists—the revcom—getting people organized for an actual revolution. 

This weekend in Eagle Pass, there has been a leap in the fascist attempt to remake all of society, spearheaded by Abbott, orchestrated by Trump. Read more

RevComs with signs of immigrant children who drowned at Eagle Pass, Texas.


Marching down Commercial Street, Eagle Pass, towards a rally of about 30-40 local progressive people standing with the immigrants against the all-sided fascist assault.  These signs are of immigrant children who recently drowned in the Rio Grande attempting to cross.    Photo: @TheRevComs

RevComs at Eagle Pass, Texas on the border, February 2, 2024.


Just before Abbott's fascist press conference, the revcoms delivered a message near the International Bridge.    Photo: @TheRevComs

Coco Das on choices

"Don't Look Away..."


RevComs with banners at San Ysidro, California agitate about immigrants are not the problem, February 2, 2024.


RevComs at San Ysidro, California, February 2, 2024.    Photo: @TheRevComs

The revcoms in Los Angeles organized a car caravan from LA to the San Ysidro border in response to the fascist escalation of anti-immigrant attacks, and to oppose the "Take Our Borders Back" rally that was going to convoy to Yuma, AZ. 

We held a brief rally at the busy U.S./Mexico border crossing, where Michelle Xai, a leader of the revcoms in LA, gave a speech in Spanish and English. This was covered by local CBS and NBC news in San Diego. Importantly, because of our presence, the local news story showed that there are two sides—not just the ugly anti-immigrant fascist attacks.

Michelle Xai and the revcoms at the border at San Ysidro, CA

The revcoms then led the caravan to a nearby field where several hundred fascists were gathered. The chants rang out: “Ningun Ser Humano es Ilegal, Este Sistema debemos derrocar” (No human being is illegal, this system must be overthrown), “No fascist Trump, No Genocide Joe! The whole damn system's got to go.” We concluded our caravan by bringing this message directly to the people living in the oppressed neighborhoods of San Ysidro—challenging them to join this revolution. Residents of the apartment buildings came out to listen to the revcoms speak, and to argue with each other. Several people meeting each other for the first time made plans to bring the revcoms back to get into The Bob Avakian Interviews on The RNL—Revolution, Nothing Less!—Show, and to learn more about this revolution. 

RevComs at San Ysidro, California, with @BobAvakianOfficial poster.


RevComs at San Ysidro, California, February 2, 2024.    Photo: @TheRevComs

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