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A Message to the Revcoms and Everyone Else Yearning for a Better World

THIS Is A “Game-Changer”: The Bob Avakian Interviews

Part Four: Once More on Important Relations and Dynamics

Editors’ note: recently received a valuable contribution from two readers on how to go out and turn the new Interviews with Bob Avakian, BA, into the societal game-changers they can—and urgently need to—be. We are posting edited excerpts from this letter over a few weeks. We urge all our readers to write us with your thoughts on this and how we can meet this crucial goal, and your experience—positive and negative—in doing so.

In different ways and on different levels, we need to be correctly grasping the dialectic—the back-and-forth, reinforcing relationship—between the particular and the overall... and between different features of our revolutionary work. 

To raise a few particular examples for further, ongoing reflection and discussion—including by the Revolution Clubs and those more broadly working to promote the BA Interviews... how do we understand the back-and-forth, reinforcing relationship between:  

  • On the ground promotion and social media promotion?
  • Winning over prominent, influential people—including those with huge audiences and social media/online followings—and  generating momentum among the broader masses of different strata?
  • Broad promotion of the BA Interviews and fierce ideological struggle to break people out of the wrong lines and frameworks they are in?  

Initial thoughts on above point: We need to get these Interviews out in a huge way in front of a lot of people. But we also need to break through on the “ignore-ance” among the not insignificant numbers of people who have already seen the Interviews or who do know about BA. We need to break through the dynamic of people literally or figuratively—online or on the ground—“giving a thumbs-up” and walking away without further engagement. 

We need to create a sense of social compulsion among blocs of people to watch this...

And stirring up controversy and fierce ideological struggle is essential to creating this sense of social compulsion.

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A Message to the Revcoms and Everyone Else Yearning for a Better World
THIS Is A “Game-Changer”: The Bob Avakian Interviews

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