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Protests Over the Not Guilty Verdict for Rittenhouse: Taking a Stand in the Streets

Protest — Rittenhouse and Whole System Guilty — in Chicago


Protest — Rittenhouse and Whole System Guilty — in Chicago    Photo:

Within hours of the acquittal of the fascist vigilante killer Kyle Rittenhouse on all charges on Friday, November 19, people in cities across the country began taking to the streets in outrage and anger. That night saw protests in New York, Chicago, Oakland, Los Angeles and Portland, while smaller groups gathered in San Diego and elsewhere. In New York City, over 200 protesters marched from Barclay Center across the Brooklyn Bridge to join another group of protesters who had rallied at Washington Square Park. In Oakland, a crowd of nearly 100 rallied in Oscar Grant Plaza before marching through the streets, shouting “Revolution, nothing less.” 

Saturday saw demonstrations in many other cities, including Boston, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Tampa, FL. and Raleigh, N.C. About 1,000 people marched through downtown Chicago. And on Sunday, dozens of people gathered in Kenosha's Civic Center Park to protest the verdict. Speakers included Justin Blake, the uncle of Jacob Blake shot 7 times in the back by Kenosha police, and the fiancée of JoJo Rosenbaum, the first heroic protester murdered by Rittenhouse.

The Revcoms were part of these protests in a number of cities, spreading a powerful statement that begins: “A system that greenlights the white supremacist vigilante slaughter of people standing up for Black lives is completely illegitimate. It needs to be brought down—overthrown—at the soonest possible time."


Chicago crowd of hundreds with revcom banner protest Rittenhouse verdict.


Chicago    Photo: @bgonthescene

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Los Angeles

Rev Club LA leads protest of Rittenhouse verdict.


Los Angeles    Photo:

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New York City

At Washington Square Park, NYC, a banner- The System Cannot Be Reformed It Must Be Overthrown - at protest of Kyle Rittenhouse's Not Guilty verdict.


Washington Square Park, New York City, after Rittenhouse "Not Guilty" verdict.    Photo: Dean Moses/amNY 

Protesters against verdict of Kyle Rittenhouse march across Brooklyn Bridge, New York.


Brooklyn Bridge, New York    Photo: AP

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RevClub with banner—"Rittenhouse and Whole System Guilty" at protest in Oakland


RevClub leads "Rittenhouse and Whole System Guilty" protest in Oakland     Photo:

Protesting Not Guilty verdict of Rittenhouse in Oakland


Oakland, CA    Photo:


Protest Rittenhouse verdict in front of Kenosha Courthouse with sign of slain heroes.


In front of Kenosha Courthouse    Photo:


Milwaukee protesters raise fists against Rittenhouse verdict.


Milwaukee protesters raise fists against Rittenhouse verdict.    Photo: Milwaukee Independent_@mkeind


Minneapolis protests Rittenhouse verdict


Minneapolis protests Rittenhouse verdict    Photo: @richardreeve317


Protest — Rittenhouse and Whole System Guilty — in Boston


Protest — Rittenhouse and Whole System Guilty — in Boston     Photo:

Raleigh, North Carolina

Raleigh, North Carolina protest Rittenhouse verdict.


Raleigh, North Carolina   


In Honolulu large red banner with slogan NO White Supremacy Fascist America protesting Rittenhouse verdict.


Honolulu, Hawaii    Photo:

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