Spreading the Revolution—crucial to Getting Organized Now for a Real Revolution

We need a revolution—a real revolution. And this revolution is possible. To everyone who hungers for an end to oppression and injustice, and everyone who has the heart to fight for something that is really worth fighting for: You need to get into this revolution, become part of the organized forces for this revolution, and work tirelessly for this revolution, so that we can have a real chance to win.


Cover of A Declaration, A Call to Get Organized Now For A Real Revolution


Get into the “Declaration and Call,” individually and with others. At the same time, spread this everywhere. This is a very important aspect of getting organized now for a real revolution because:

“We need to urgently change the situation where not nearly enough people know about this revolution and are with it. We need to get this revolution, and its leadership, known everywhere”

Today and going forward, on the website and The Revolution, Nothing Less Show—we will feature various ways and share experiences on what people can do to be a part of this, as part of getting organized, a laboratory of learning experience, of experimentation and striving to make breakthroughs.

Sustain and Donate to Revcom.us – Spread BA and Revolution at this Unprecedented Moment!

Thanks in large part to the generous financial contributions of readers, we have just gone live with a major rebuild of the technology that drives the revcom.us website!

Implementing this new technology provides a foundation for revcom.us to be at the core of solving a problem with great stakes for humanity at this moment. That problem is: We have – with the leadership of Bob Avakian (BA) – the vision, strategy and leadership for the real revolution humanity so desperately needs. But what we do not have is thousands now who can bring forward millions into the movement for revolution at this rare time in history when a real revolution is possible.

Now a new leap in fundraising is necessary for revcom.us to leverage the new technology and urgently expand the site’s reach and impact. That in turn requires an expanded, and ever-expanding community of regular financial sustainers. Join that community today by pledging to sustain revcom.us on a monthly basis and struggling with others to do so as well!