“I’m donating because we are facing an existential crisis...”

Statements from donors to the Year End Fund Drive for the National Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour!

Thank you to all the donors so far to the Year End Fund Drive for the National Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour! Many people contributedthrough spreading the word, asking others, creative fundraising projects and giving directly.


Here are just some of the powerful statements we received about why people are contributing:

From someone who contributed $100:

I’m donating because we are facing an existential crisis. We have a chance to improve everyone’s lives and save humanity from a fascist dystopia.


From a donor who contributed $500:

No time to lose. Let's get it started. Live with it or make revolution!


From a donor in Oklahoma who contributed $25:

I donated to further the cause of revolution in this country. We are at a crossroads where lines must be drawn and the revcoms have made crystal clear to anyone who can see or hear which side they are on. I strongly recommend that anyone with a heart contribute to this campaign.


From a high school student:

I'm a 17 year old high school student with the revcoms and I'm going to be talking about why it is so important to donate to our National Get Organized for an Actual Revolution Tour. I’ve been talking to people about donating to revcoms and most people that I have talked to tell me they are already donating to different causes like donating clothes to charities, feeding the poor, treating serious diseases like leukemia. And I think those causes are noble but they aren’t getting to the root of any of those problems.

If you think about it,  all those problems  are caused by capitalism-imperialism. Cancer treatment, for example, should not cost 100’s of thousands of dollars; preventing people from getting life-saving treatment and putting people into crippling debt.And it blows my mind that people in this country have jobs and are still homeless. It’s a horrible disgrace that because of capitalism millions of people in this country and billions of people around the world can’t afford basic necessities like food, shelter and clothes. In order to stop the horrible wars in the world and people dying on the street everywhere we need an all out overthrow of capitalism. The system is immoral and needs to go!

Look, you could donate your money to tearing down this systeminstead of just tearing down some of the symptoms of the system. When you treat the symptoms of this blood sucking system and you don’t get to the root of it, you allow all the horrible symptoms to continue.  The RevComs are scientifically based and are working to actually overthrow the systemgetting to the ROOT of the problem. With the leadership of Bob Avakian, they have analyzed the problem and know that the system is the problem. Everything BA says publicly he has analyzed and thought about deeply. BA is not like politicians that lie  about the solutions to our problems in society. BA is the real deal.

I live in a middle class area that is pretty affluent. I have food and housing and my needs met. I’m aware of all that. But I’m not BLIND to the fact that in this worldthe situation is beyond inequity, this system sucks labor and causes the suffering of billions of people all over the world. There shouldn’t be entire countries and whole continents where people’s basic needs aren’t met. And there are parts of this country where people’s conditions are like the Third World.  And I don’t think I’m doing nearly enough!

You could donate a couple dollars or more depending on how much you have. You can also collect money and spread the word.  I myself have donated generously, But I know right now there is absolutely nothing more important that this money could be going towards!  If you read or hear this and you know that all these  problems are unjustand I agree they areinstead of donating to things that don’t get to the root of the problemDonate to the National Get Organized for An Actual Revolution Tour. Go to revcom.us and donate.



From a health care professional who contributed $250:

I believe in this movement.  I’m going to dig deep for this.  We need a change.  We need a movement to break the hold of capitalism-imperialism over the people!


The following statement accompanied a $5,000 donation which was left to the Tour by a revolutionary comrade who died.

This contribution comes from a revolutionary comrade beloved by many here and around the world, who died last year. As a follower of Bob Avakian, for many years he devoted his heart and mind to revolution and the emancipation of all humanity. More than anything else, he lived to see that cause advance and win, here and around the world.

This donation expresses his hopes, dreams and optimism for a whole new and better world, because he knew that is what the National Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour is all about and why everyone who wants a better world should support it.

Several people from all over Texas pooled their contributions together for a total of $735. They are calling on YOU to match this!  They shared several moving statements, here's a selection:

** Things are unnecessarily difficult for people in the US, and the revcoms are calling things out from a perspective that can actually bring about change. I’m in Texas where a lot of backwards ideas are being cemented into law, so I’m donating 100 dollars because we need more revolutionary ideas in the public sphere.

** So many people feel something is deeply, deeply wrong with the world. Many people either put their head down and put providing for themselves and their family, in an immediate way, first, while others are paralyzed with apocalyptic anxiety, while still others take to the streets, go on hunger strikes, or try to encourage engagement with electoral politics as ways to beg the representatives of the ruling class to know about and care about the masses of people who are abused by this system, about the children poisoned and killed, about the destruction of the earth in the name of profits…

But revolutionary communists know that simply “knowing” and “caring” about these issues is not enough... it takes a scientific method, the communist method, to analyze how the system of capitalism-imperialism has brought us to this point, and how we can uproot this system and replace it with one far better. The work to do all this doesn’t happen spontaneously by an individual, operating within any class. This work is intentionally carried out by the vanguard.

And so, a group of us in different locations in Texas send this donation to support the National Revolution Tour, including their theoretical work, their work on the streets, and their work bringing the revolution to the people via their YouTube show. As it says on the Revolution site, “Let’s get down to basics: We need a revolution—nothing less!

** We are living in a dire situation; capitalism is squeezing the life out of our planet and every living being on it. The continuous slow genocide of Black, Brown and the poor here and around the world, cops and vigilantes getting away with murder, the brutalization of refugees around the world, the undoing of Roe v. Wadethe reimposition of the female slavery of forced full pregnancy which is the same mentality of forced Hijab in my birth country of Iran and other places like Afghanistan.  The coming to power of right wing fascists in European countries, in Brazil and other places.  These are all symptoms of widespread fascism that threatens the planet and its habitants.  All this cries out for the most radical and emancipating transformation of society, economic and the environment.  The only force advocating this radical change are the Revcomsled by Bob Avakian, the architect of the New Synthesis of Communism, and forces who support and subscribe to new communism.


In addition to direct contributions, a number of people took up creative projects to raise funds for the National Revolution Tour.  Here are a few of their ideas and statements.

Forging Unity and Raising Funds:

In a predominantly Black and Latino neighborhood, someone who works with the Revolution Club volunteered to hold a food sale.  They did this some months ago with BBQ and soul food.  This time, he wanted to reach out to his neighbors and broaden out the “audience,” while also working to overcoming the divisions this system puts on people.  He wanted to do a “Mexican Food Sale” but didn't know how to make Mexican food.  So someone else who works with the Revolution Club, who doesn't speak English, heard about this and volunteered to make homemade tamales.  This brings alive the kind of revolutionary unity that can be forged while raising funds for the revolution!

Here are their statements:

**From the person hosting the Mexican Foods Sale:
I’m contributing to this revolution because I believe in the cause of revolution, the fact is that everyone needs to stand for something, or they’ll fall for anything, and these people are standing for something which is making revolution. This is what we are organizing for, this is what we do, we listen to Bob Avakian he is talking about real revolution. Everyone who wants to fight for this revolution needs to contribute, this is why I’m contributing!

**From the volunteer cook for the Mexican Food Sale:

Estoy contribuyendo a esta campaña de recaudación de fondos para la revolución porque el mundo donde vivimos es un horror para los 8 mil millones de personas y todo por este sistema. Lo que la Gira de Revolución está haciendo en estos tiempos es muy importante y se necesita mucho más apoyo de personas que odian la opresión y quieren ver un mundo mejor para la humanidad. Por eso estoy contribuyendo hoy y quiero llamar a otros que contribuyan con donaciones o de otras formas. Gracias

I’m contributing to this fundraising campaign to raise funds for the revolution, because the world we live in is a nightmare for the 8 billion people of the world and this is all because of this system.  The work the National Revolution Tour is doing in this time is very important and needs a lot more support from people who hate oppression and want to see a better world for humanity. This is why I am contributing in the ways I can, and I want to call on others to contribute, whether financially or in other forms. Thank You.


Real Revolution Key Rings:

Supporters of the revolution in Cleveland made and sold “Real Revolution key rings.” This was a suggestion from someone who had the idea and a few of us put them togethereach one promotes The RNLRevolution, Nothing Less!Show and revcom.us... With 40 degree temperatures and 20 mile an hour winds, at a holiday street festival we met some great people, excited to learn about the Tour, and get a key ring and the A Declaration, and A Call to Get Organized Now For a Real Revolution.  We raised $25 for the Tour and plan to keep going out the rest of this month with a goal to sell at least 100 key rings.


Chicago Craft Fairs:

To contribute to the current Fund Drive two crafters got a booth at a very large Holiday Fair. One person crochets and the other makes jewelry. Our starting orientation was we were putting humanity first in raising money this time for the Revolution Tour. While neither of us are able to go to marches, we wanted to make it possible for the youth to be in the streets so they know we have their backs as well as supporting other aspects of the Tour... We made $130 selling crocheted headbands and handmade beaded jewelry among other items. 

In This Rare Time When Revolution Becomes Possible…

Heart-felt appreciation for all – new readers and long-time supporters – who helped reach our $30,000 goal. This is a hard-fought-for advance that many, many people contributed to and made happen in a time when this can make all the difference. An important part of this advance is that some donors decided to become sustainers, giving to revcom on a regular basis, and it's crucial to continue to expand this sustainer base.

There is no site like Revcom.us in the world today… where people in this country and internationally can get introduced to and connect with the leadership we have in BA… where people can get a lively scientific analysis of major developments in society and the world, how they relate to the system we live under, what the interests of humanity are, how revolution is the only solution, and how people can and are moving to build toward that revolution. Our bilingual site reaches thousands of Spanish-speaking people the world over.

So again, a big thank you to everyone who contributed! Continue to extend the reach of revcom.us in any way you can. Call on others to donate and become sustainers of revcom.us