As the Verdict in the Murder of George Floyd Draws Close…

A System on Trial Whose Time Is Up—We Need to Organize NOW for an Actual Revolution!

The trial of the pig who murdered George Floyd will soon come to an end.

The proof of this pig’s guilt has been overwhelming, and cannot be denied. Anything less than a verdict of guilty for the main charges would be yet another outrage, salt in the wounds that are still fresh.

But the guilt of this system also cannot be denied. Say their names: Daunte Wright, 20 years old, shot dead at a traffic stop, Black and unarmed; Adam Toledo, 13 years old, shot dead in an alley with his empty hands in the air, Latino; and those are only the most well-known. During the 19-day period of testimony in the trial of the Minnesota killer cop, at least 64 people were killed by police—over one-half of them Black or Latino.

THIS MURDER MUST END. This is what every decent person feels.

But this nonstop string of horrific murders has forced the whole world to confront the brute fact that so long as this system goes on, THE MURDER AND BRUTALITY BY THE POLICE CANNOT END. To deal with this, to deal with all the other towering outrages this system brings down here and around the world, we need—humanity needs—revolution, nothing less.

And this is one of those rare times in which a revolution could possibly be made in this country. “Those who rule are locked in a bitter fight among themselves, and they cannot hold things together in the way they have in the past.”1 At the same time, over these past few years the people have shown their hatred for oppression, and their courage, in powerful demonstrations and mass outpourings, here and around the world, including in the beautiful rising after the murder of George Floyd. These show the potential for revolution.

We have the leadership for that revolution in Bob Avakian, BA. BA has further developed the scientific way to understand the world, the strategy for an actual revolution, and a vision and blueprint for an emancipating new society in the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America, which he authored.

To learn more about all this, and to start changing the world while you are learning, dig into and spread A DECLARATION, A CALL TO GET ORGANIZED NOW FOR A REAL REVOLUTION.

Cover of A Declaration, A Call to Get Organized Now For A Real Revolution


If you burned with anger and a rage for justice when you saw the life snuffed out of George Floyd and if you ache for something better... you need to be part of this revolution. And we, together, need to urgently get organized now for this real revolution. Be with us when the verdict goes down. Right now: come to, and help build for, Revolutionary May 1 celebrations. Meet, and become part of, a serious force, resolutely determined and getting organized now for a real revolution, to bring into being a world without slavery in any form, in which all of humanity can finally and fully breathe free.


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