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Toni Redtree, Michelle Xai and Sam Goldman on the Abortion Rights Emergency

On Tuesday, September 21, Sunsara Taylor hosted a special radio broadcast on the Abortion Rights Emergency for WBAI 99.5 FM in NYC and WPFW 89.3 FM in Washington, DC, which was co-sponsored and livestreamed by both The RNL—Revolution, Nothing Less!—Show and

The full broadcast is available here.

Here, we are sharing a few excerpts from the program that bring alive the stakes of the recent Texas Abortion Ban and the Supreme Court's decision to consider another abortion ban out of Mississippi on December 1 that could completely upend abortion protections nationwide. All of them argued vigorously that people need to take to the streets to refuse to let this fascist assault on the lives of women go down, including by making the marches that have been called for October 2 as powerful as possible.

Michelle Xai, a leader in the Los Angeles Revolution Club, spoke about the process she went through to shed the anti-abortion indoctrination she grew up with and become an unapologetic fighter for abortion rights as part of getting deeper into the revolution that is needed to emancipate humanity. Then she got into the vision of—and importance of taking part in—the Break ALL the Chains! Unleash the Fury of Women As A Mighty Force for Revolution! Contingents on October 2 being organized by the Revcoms:

Toni Redtree, a writer for (including these two recent polemics, The Right to Abortion: The New York Times Rationale for Surrender and Why There Can Be No Compromise—and No Going Back, and For All Those Telling Us to Dig In For a Decades-Long, Gradual Struggle to Preserve a Woman’s Fundamental Right to Control Her Own Body, Questions—And Answers) exposed vividly the vicious hatred and violence towards women concentrated in this fascist assault on abortion, but also how the extremeness of these attacks are part of what makes this a rare time when revolution really could be possible if growing numbers dare fight for it, and brought alive some sense of what this revolution will make possible:

Sam Goldman, of, hammered home the price that is paid when people do not stand up and resist fascist atrocities as they are being hammered into place and normalized and called on everyone who cares about the lives and rights of women and girls and differently gendered people to get out in the streets to declare: Abortion On Demand and Without Apology! and Christian Fascist Theocrats—Get Your Laws and Vigilantes Off Our Bodies!

We urge all our readers to dig further into this and join the Break All the Chains Contingents being organized at the October 2 marches for reproductive rights by going to the organizing page at:  ON OCTOBER 2, MARCH IN THE BREAK THE CHAINS CONTINGENT: UNLEASH THE FURY OF WOMEN AS A MIGHTY FORCE FOR REVOLUTION!

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