When and Where to Celebrate
International Revolutionary
May Day 2021

AD for Revolution Club May Day LA


Local information (we will post as it becomes available)

Los Angeles:

Saturday, May 1
2:00 pm
Magic Johnson Park, Avalon Blvd. Entrance
(North of El Segundo Blvd.)
*Wear a mask and practice social distancing*

New York

Saturday, May 1
2:00pm - 5:00 pm
St. Nicholas Park
133rd and St. Nicholas Ave, Harlem


Saturday, May 1
3:00 pm
Revolution Club Organizing Center
1857 E 71st Street


Saturday, May 1
4:00 pm
Parade Ground, Boston Commons (Corner of Beacon and Charles Street)


Saturday, May 1
2 - 6 pm
Edgewater Park
lower level—look for the tent and banner
wear a mask and practice social distancing


Saturday, May 1
2:00 p.m.
Our Park, 2604 Alabama (at corner of Alabama and Live Oak, next to SHAPE Community Center)
*Please wear mask and practice social distancing*


Saturday, May 1
4:00 p.m.
Seattle Center, corner of 4th Avenue North and Broad Street near the Space Needle

Cover of A Declaration, A Call to Get Organized Now For A Real Revolution


Read this Declaration and Call, find out more:
Basic version | Extended version
Available in Brochure format (PDF):
Basic version | Extended version   

MayDay 2021 Declaration


(Click to enlarge)

1. Download this template for the poster and leaflet.
2. Add your local information.
3. Get it out everywhere:

Poster 11x17:   PDF   |   JPG
Leaflet 8.5x11":   PDF   |   JPG

New Year's Statement by Bob Avakian


In This Rare Time When Revolution Becomes Possible…
DONATE to—and be Part of—the Revcom.us Fall/Winter $30K Fund Drive

An immediate goal now: $5K by Giving Tuesday, November 30

At this time, we must expand our reach to the tens of thousands who do not yet know—and must know about—this revolution and the leadership we have in Bob Avakian.

There is no site like Revcom.us in the world today… where people in this country and internationally can get introduced to and connect with the leadership we have in BA… where people can get a lively scientific analysis of major developments in society and the world, how they relate to the system we live under, what the interests of humanity are, how revolution is the only solution, and how people can and are moving to build toward that revolution. Our bilingual site reaches thousands of Spanish-speaking people the world over.

To fund this—and go even further—we’re raising $30K this fall/winter. Contributing to this drive is a crucial way to be part of this movement for revolution. How you can be part of this:

  • Donate as much as you can—and become a regular sustainer.
  • Reach out to people you know and call on them to donate to Revcom.us.