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Have You REALLY Thought About What Difference This Could Make?

Bob Avakian on Social Media

Here is what is going down with the @BobAvakianOfficial social media that I think is a big deal and exciting: BA is coming out publicly on social media and putting himself forward there as a public figure who should be listened to and followed. He’s bringing his voice and world-class leadership to the public square and telling people the truth they need to hear and fighting for revolution. AND he is very straight up, at a historic time, putting himself forward as the one to lead people through this. 

If you are someone who recognizes the need for revolution and follows BA because of that, you should recognize how much stronger the possibility of revolution will be if BA becomes a public figure that many, many thousands of people follow and a reference point to millions. Do you recognize what a HUGE gift this is that now he is on social media? 

Think about Neil deGrasse Tyson. Many love him, also many hate him, for the same reason. He is a public figure fighting for science and the scientific method and bringing the discoveries of science to the masses of people. He inspires millions when he brings the awe and wonder of the universe to people. You are moved by his infectious enthusiasm, fascination, and profound meaning he finds in the natural world. He makes you want to go deeper, and learn more for yourself.

If you are someone who loves and appreciates BA, you should recognize the difference it would make for people to actually listen to and hear his words. This is also why it's so important for people to watch and spread the Interviews that were done with him last year on The RNL—Revolution Nothing Less—Show, which also need to be reaching and impacting society.

BA is talking to people in plain and concise terms about big events happening in the world and how they show the need for an actual revolution. He is taking on all the bullshit justifications for going along with the way things are. He’s challenging all the “system ways” of thinking that are holding people back from getting with this revolution. He’s bringing to people how revolution could actually be made in the time we are living in right now, and he’s raising people’s sights to how much better the world could be. You can hear in his voice his contempt for this system. He’s not afraid of these capitalist oppressors; he can see through their bankruptcy and their hidden weaknesses. 

BA also does not bow down to any bullshit from the masses. He knows the potential people have and he is struggling with people to “get up off all that.” Why? Because he is confident that they can. Think about how the whole world is being shaken, think about the way this country is being torn apart, think about all the hopelessness and despair out there right now. Then think about the potential effect of having BA become a major reference point in society. Think about how quickly we could make up for lost time if we achieved this objective.

I think anybody who has had a chance to seriously engage BA can understand what I’m saying here. However, I don’t think enough of you are appreciating that BA will not automatically be granted a platform. There is no magic algorithm that will get BA heard by people. The algorithm goes with what’s spontaneously popular. And we have to go against what’s spontaneously popular.

That means that YOU must fight for his leadership harder than you ever have before. And this is so doable. Talk with people, and write to with your experience, the lessons you draw from that experience, and creative ideas on how to spread this.

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From the genocide in Gaza, to the growing threat of world war between nuclear powers, to escalating environmental devastation… the capitalist-imperialist system ruling over us is a horror for billions around the world and is tearing up the fabric of life on earth. Now the all-out battle within the U.S. ruling class, between fascist Republicans and war criminal Democrats, is coming to a head—likely during, or before, the coming elections—ripping society apart unlike anything since the Civil War. 

Bob Avakian (BA), revolutionary leader and author of the new communism, has developed a strategy to prepare for and make revolution. He’s scientifically analyzed that this is a rare time when an actual revolution has become more possible, and has laid out the sweeping vision, solid foundation and concrete blueprint for “what comes next,” in the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America

The website follows and applies that leadership and is essential to all this. We post new materials from BA and curate his whole body of work. We apply the science he’s developed to analyze and expose every key event in society, every week. posts BA’s timely leadership for the revcoms (revolutionary communists), including his social media posts which break this down for people every week and sometimes more. We act as a guiding and connecting hub for the growing revcom movement nationwide: not just showing what’s being done, but going into what’s right and what’s wrong and rapidly learning—and recruiting new people into what has to be a rapidly growing force.

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