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News and Statements from the Donors to the Summer $100,000 Fund Drive


These statements were sent in by people who donated to the $100,000 Revcoms Fund Drive.

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Messages to 3rd Fundraising Livestream

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From a college student in the Midwest (who donated, and also raised $50 from others):

I am donating to the revolution because it is so desperately needed. With all the contradictions of capitalism-imperialism—endless wars, racist police brutality, the degradation and enslavement of women, the oppression of LGBTQ+ people, racist attacks against immigrants, and the destruction of the planet by rapidly increasing climate change—we need a way out and a better world, and the Revcoms are fighting for just that.

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I first got introduced to BA and the Revcoms by watching clips of his 2003 speech on YouTube, but I had always fallen for the same slander against them—that they were a “cult” or that they didn’t perform self-criticism, etc. After watching Sunsara Taylor’s appearance on Fat Mike’s podcast where she discussed RiseUp and the New Communism brought forward by Bob Avakian, I finally decided to try to look into it further, and found that not only were the statements made against the Party (especially the "cult" nonsense) completely false, but that the Revcoms are one of the only groups (if not the only one) in this country that is fighting for an emancipating future that is also based on science and has a path forward, that path being based on the New Communism. Since I am newer to studying the developments of and applications of the New Communism, I still have much to learn, but the presence of the Revcoms and their commitment to revolution gives me a great hope like nothing I have felt before. I’m donating because this revolution is desperately needed, and because I feel that the Revcoms are the group that is fighting the most for an emancipating future for humanity.


Report from Austin, Texas
First Efforts to Make a Big Splash with We Need and We Demand

This weekend a crew of six people from longtime revolutionaries to people just stepping into the revolution came together to make a first big effort to announce to Austin, Texas, “We need and we demand a whole new way to live, a fundamentally different system,” and spread the ProclamationWe Are the Revcoms. We wanted to make a big splash, so we identified a few walls and street corners to wheat paste large displays. Some of the Proclamations and We Demand… posters had been taped together so we could get them up quickly, and one member of the crew made a couple of beautiful large handmade signs on thin paper (with permanent marker) with parts of the We Need And We Demand declaration.

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A long time Bay Area supporter, on becoming a sustainer:

I am a long time supporter of the Revcoms. I decided to become a monthly sustainer of the Revcoms because we need a revolution very badly here in the US. No one else but this party has a Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America which will be put in place the day after the Revolution. The Constitution is calling for a whole new society with different social relations among the people free of oppression and exploitation. The current Declaration is calling for a whole new way to live where people are liberated and emancipated. That is the kind of world I want to live in and the kind of world future generations deserve....

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I want to sustain the Revcoms because the RNL show is extremely important and must go on. It is so exciting to see the Bob Avakian interviews on the RNL show. We are the only ones exposing the horrendous crimes of this criminal capitalist system.

Right now we are all living under the threat of Nuclear war. The environmental disasters due to global warming are devastating. I hope we are here long enough to be able to make a real revolution. The Declaration says that human beings are enslaved, exploited, and oppressed all over the world. These crimes against humanity must stop! This cannot go on much longer.

Finally, I want to sustain because I think we deserve a better world and a better world is possible!


A matching pledge challenge

A contribution of $785.00 was made as a matching pledge—collected mainly from fixed income retirees who have been reselling clothing and jewelry to raise funds for the fund drive.

From a responsible member of society:

Big corporations and financial oligarchs are not interested in financing socialist revolution, since it's not a profitable venture for them, and it actually leads to their downfall. Therefore it's the historical duty of all freedom-loving individuals, who want to see the insanity and the chaos of the oppressive class society under capitalism, to come to an end, to do their part in helping financially the vanguard party of the working class in achieving its mission in leading the masses towards socialist revolution.

Cleveland snapshot – raising funds and putting the revolution before many people

Yesterday a team of 2 Revcom supporters went out to small businesses, barber shops, smoke shops, and laundromats selling cookies, brownies & cake slices for the $100,000 Summer Fund Drive to put Revolution on the map THIS year. We raised about $180 and are going out again today to finish meeting—and exceeding—our goal of $300 this week for the livestream. This is a great way to raise funds and get people connected with this revolution.  

This kind of outreach has become our Plan B when the weather cancels plans for festivals or BBQ's because it not just raises urgently needed funds, it's putting the revolution before many, many people.

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At least here, fundraisers selling homemade goods are a broad social phenomena in oppressed communities—for churches, community centers, bands, or just basic needs. ONLY the Revcoms are doing this for real revolution and we've found this is broadly welcomed. Many people contribute in addition to the price of the pastry, many places want bundles of We Are the Revcoms and We Need and We Demand a Whole New Way to Live, a Fundamentally Different System, sometimes it opens up discussion & struggle among people gathered in the stores, many of which function sort of as neighborhood centers. We've run across people when we are out broadly at street corners/festivals who have picked up materials at one of the shops and were really provoked to think.

In one barbershop, where we have gotten to know the barber, he's been saying for months that revolution is too risky for him, he needs to protect his business. Things are terrible but why don't we just work on voting - but he has kept inviting us back. This time we brought the new declaration & BA's U.S. Constitution: An Exploiters’ Vision of Freedom. 

Staff at 5 or 6 of the stores have read and thought about the materials, want more whenever we get back, with a couple seriously considering sustaining.  One of the stores has welcomed the idea of a display of the proclamation & declaration on the boarded up wall next door.

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Used Book Sale for the Revcom Fund Drive Raises Over $1,000

From staff of Revolution Books, Berkeley

We wanted to do a big used book sale to raise funds for the $100,000 fund drive. We set a goal of $1,000 for a two-day sale, and we achieved that goal and more. That is important. But also extremely important is that we linked this sale closely to the release of the crucial declaration “We Need And We Demand A Whole New Way To Live, A Fundamentally Different System.” This was a more revolutionary book sale than we have done in the past, and we also tapped into and learned some new things about the mood of the people and how they are confronting the intense times we are in, and how we can forge an emancipating revolution through these times.

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Summation of going out to SF Pride with the Fund Drive

The Revolution Club, together with veteran revcoms and supporters, went out to San Francisco Pride this past weekend to boldly take out the proclamation and the $100k fund drive. This was a hard-fought battle to introduce people to the revolution and give people ways to get organized into this movement. We raised over $1,000 through two days, distributed hundreds of proclamations, and connected with dozens of people who want to organize with the Club. All of us also got important experience working as a team taking revolution straight-up to the people, learning from our successes and shortcomings, as well as beginning to forge new leaders in the Club.

San Francisco’s is one of the largest Pride celebrations in the world, with people coming from all over to take part. There was an overall sense amongst the people we talked to that this celebration was happening in the midst of heavy times. And within the celebratory mood, there was lots of anger at the state of the world. Many people felt the tension between the party atmosphere and paying attention to what’s happening, particularly the fascist march to remake society into a Christian theocracy. Some were attracted to us because they felt that people aren’t taking the threat of fascism seriously enough.

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Amongst those people who are paying attention, there is a significant number of people who are thinking about “revolution”, whatever it means to them, and are very excited to meet us. The vast majority of the people we met had never heard of the revcoms, especially the younger people. Those who were more interested asked deep questions, like “what kind of revolution? Will it be violent? What system will replace the current one?” We sold 6 copies of the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America over the course of the weekend.

Going into Pride, we got together and discussed our approach. We learned from “Raising Money… and Making Revolution” as well as some of the experience at the Frieze art show in LA. We especially focused on this section and did our best to apply this approach: “IMPORTANT: Making revolution requires struggling with people to concretely support that revolution, every step along the way, whether they have known about the revolution for a while or are just getting introduced to it. When you struggle with people not just over ideas, but over what they are going to do—including where they are going to put their resources—you give them a way to change the world and to change themselves too.”

We set up a Revolution Books table and large displays outside one of the main entrances (a huge banner saying “This system cannot be reformed! It must be overthrown!” and a large foam board “In Defense of LGBTQ Rights and Lives”). We had a display with “revcoms vs ‘woke’ identity politics hustlers”, which largely received a positive response (one interesting note is that, besides a handful of snarky comments, we did not encounter any organized “woke” forces likely due to a separate “People’s March” that they organized). We also had a large thermometer with our fundraising goal for the event ($1,000 per day).

The first day we started off slow, raising just $250. We summed up that our people were too scattered and didn’t project a real force. Another issue was that our agitation was too long-winded and not specific enough.

Based on our experience the first day, we summed up and adjusted our approach. This process of collective summation and adjustment was done regularly throughout the day, as we struggled to be more flexible and dynamic, straining every step to exert a bigger impact with our revolutionary pole. Our agitation focused on short, powerful challenges for people to donate specific amounts ($10, $20, $50, and up). We learned from Sunsara Taylor’s piece on the anniversary of the overturning of Roe v Wade, specifically the challenge of “radical change is coming. Which side are you on?” We also opened up interaction with the masses by incorporating chants and several people were inspired to chant with us. We even came up with a short song centered around donating, which people really liked. In contrast to the first day, we stayed close together which created a scene that people couldn’t avoid. Every one of us got into passionate conversations with people about the proclamation and put the challenge to people to donate specific amounts (rather than “donate what you can”). At the end of this second day, we were able to raise over $750! This was from a mixture of cash donations and sales of t-shirts.

This was one of our most successful fundraising efforts at a single event, and we summed up that a major factor was setting a concrete goal that we could fight to achieve. Though the Club played an important role, another difference was the fact that this initiative was taken up broadly by veterans and long-time supporters, and this helped set a dynamic atmosphere between “young and old” which encouraged everyone to be very enthusiastic and bold. This is an important experience that we will continue to learn from as we get even bolder putting this revolution on the map.


Taking "We Are The Revcoms" to the San Francisco Pride Fest


Taking "We Are The Revcoms" to the San Francisco Pride Fest    Photo:

San Francisco Pride Fest banner "This system cannot be Reformed--It must be Overthrown!"


Banner at the San Francisco Pride Fest "This system cannot be Reformed—It must be Overthrown!"     Photo:

$2000 Double Matching Challenge 

To the $100,000 fund drive organizers

I am writing for a group of us; medical professionals, retirees and clerical workers, who have come together to pledge to double contributions up to $2,000 as part of the $100,000 fund drive, to put REAL revolution on the map in 2023. That means if other people contribute $2,000 towards our match, we will contribute $4,000.

Time is running short but there is still time and the plans already laid out – the Woke Tour, the July 4th convergence in Philadelphia and more give us a real shot at accomplishing this. And as the hosts and guests on The RNL Show have made perfectly clear, to accomplish all this requires big funds and an ever-growing community of funders.

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In chewing this over, some of us returned to how BA’s unswerving commitment to and deepening of a scientifically based understanding of proletarian internationalism, drew us forward and helped sustain us at different times. BA has always been clear on this question: we are doing this in the interest of all humanity.

This has nowhere been more evident than in the case of Iran. The inspiring recent mass uprising of the women and men in Iran and the emerging role of the Communist Party of Iran led us look back to a speech given by BA in 1979.

At the time, BA was facing very serious threats and trumped-up charges from the US government for his role in the Washington DC protest exposing Teng Hsiao-ping the Chinese revisionist, who had help lead the capitalist coup in China after the death of Mao Tse-tung. The powerful protest had stung the capitalist rulers of both countries and the personal threat to BA from the government was very real and dangerous.

It was also just a month after Iranian students, in the wake of the ouster of hated Shah of Iran, had seized the US Embassy in Tehran and were in the process of exposing US complicity in the Shah’s murderous rule. International tensions were very high, with the US government threatening open military action against Iran.

In the face of efforts to silence him, Avakian gave a powerful speech at a rally in support of people arrested at this protest that some of us remember to this day.

Part of that speech was reprinted in a pamphlet, “Iran, It's Not Our Embassy!”

I have held onto that pamphlet for many years and recently went back to it. The spirit of a scientifically based hard core revolutionary defiance continues to stick with me.

In part, BA said:

I’m gonna say one thing to the ruling class of this country and anyone who, out of bad intentions and in order to serve them, trying to tell our Party, through intimidation or any other method, that we should not stand with the masses of Iranian people. I’m gonna say one thing to anyone like that, trying to tell me that in response to the need to carry forward this battle to stop this railroad and to beat back these attacks on our Party, trying to tell me or trying to tell us that we should not stand shoulder to shoulder with the Iranian people in this country as well as in Iran: If anyone thinks that, they can kiss my ass.

BA went on to say that, 

 if we did not stand completely and wholeheartedly with the people of the whole world and if we did not go out and struggle and bring forward the masses of people to take that stand, our Party wouldn’t be worth a goddamn and I wouldn’t be worth defending.

 Over 40 years later these words still resonate. At a moment in history where BA has analyzed that we live in one of those rare times and circumstances where the possibility for there to be an actual REAL revolution in this country – a revolution that would reverberate across the globe and unlock untold emancipatory possibilities for the people of the world who have for so long suffered under the boot of the capitalist/imperialist system, we cannot miss this opportunity. As BA wrote in “Something Terrible or Something Truly Emancipating:…” This rare time must not be wasted, squandered, thrown away. Rather, revolution must be actively prepared for and vigorously, consistently worked for – now and in an ongoing way-to build up the scientifically oriented and powerfully organized forces for, and to prepare the ground for, this revolution.

As has been made very clear on the RNL Show, the site and in many letters, raising the funds necessary to get this revolution onto the map, is a key and ongoing part of this developing revolutionary movement -part of the very fabric of that movement -and we hope this match will contribute to hastening the day when that joyous (yes joyous!) vision can be realized.

From the Revolution Club Chicago
Taking "We Are The Revcoms" to Chicago's South Shore and Pride Fest

After the last Livestream we made a decision to concentrate in South Shore, the neighborhood where our organizing center is located. We decided to keep our center, which had not been open consistently for years, open every day until the next Livestream.

We want to saturate the community with “We Are The Revcoms” broadsheet and organize people into the revolution through their getting into and spreading the broadsheet as well as raising funds for the revolution. We set a schedule of being open every day M-F and weekend evenings when we have a movie showing and a potluck. Read more

American Crimes poster display outside the Chicago Organizing Center


American Crimes poster display outside the Chicago Organizing Center    Photo:

Message from a Vietnam Veteran donating for Livestream

I am a Vietnam Veteran. I came from Los Angeles to Philadelphia to oppose U.S. bicentennial celebration in 1976. We declared “We won’t fight another rich man’s war”, which is even more important today. I know that all of the U.S. crimes will only be ended through revolution for which the RevComs are preparing the ground. I was so happy to see the announcement for action in Philadelphia on July 4th this year. I am laid up in a VA hospital and can’t come, but I hope my $50 contribution for this Livestream can inspire others to donate and to go to Philadelphia on July 4.

Message from a Medical Professional in the Bronx (NYC)

I am donating $100 to the fund drive to put Real Revolution on the map in a BIG way, because humanity urgently needs it –

before rival imperialists unleash more horrors on us, up to a nuclear holocaust;

before the system makes the planet uninhabitable;

before FASCISTS succeed in solidifying their hold on power and unleash more untold horrors on us.

And I am donating it to THIS Revolution, because no one but BA and the RevComs are doing anything even remotely commensurate with the magnitude of the problem.

From a Sustainer:

I collected $60 from a carpenter who is into hippie culture and hasn't completely given up on voting but sees fascism and environmental destruction bringing humanity to a crisis that makes him seriously consider revolution as the solution.    

This message goes with a donation of $200:

After an old friend of a revcom watched recent segments of the RNL Show: Morning Coffee, The BA Interviews - BA speaks to those in the most oppressed section of society, Sunsara Taylor on the 1st anniversary of the Supreme Court taking away the right to abortion, and the Revolution Club at the border with Mexico - “We don't have an immigration problem we have an imperialism problem” she became a new supporter of the revolution “for the important work you do... to reach more people.”

Statement accompanying a $250 donation

Hi Pubs:

I'm writing this on the one year anniversary of the killing of Roe.  The reason why I'm making this donation and want to encourage other people to do the same is that there is no force in this country with a program for putting an end to all of the horrors that face humanity and the planet. The Democrats have NO program for defeating the growing fascist juggernaut in this country, nor are they interested in doing so. Instead , they continue to play nuclear chicken with their imperialist rivals of Russia and China, who also want to be the top dog dominating this planet. We see millions and millions of people being forced from their homes by wars, oppressive states, climate change, and they're left to drown in the Mediterranean or in the deserts of southwest U.S. or the deadly jungles of Central America, trying to get somewhere to survive and try to build a future for themselves and their families.

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The Republicans double down more on horrific, hateful programs attacking everyone that they hate, targeting LGBTQ people, Black people, immigrants, Jewish people, Moslems, etc. They want to create a future where there is unthinking ,blind obedience to their rule. The Republicans are hellbent on unleashing a bloody civil war on everyone that they hate and want to eliminate.

Too many people in this country are distressed, angered by the state of affairs, but too many people have been having their heads up their butts, trying to pretend that if they "keep their heads down, everything will be OK." How different is being a "Good German" from being a "Good American"? Staying in "one's lane" and "comfort zone" would lead to avoidable horrors.

However, the RevComs have been disturbing the air and shaking things up, because people who hate what is going on, should plug in with the RevComs and help spread their influence to thousands and millions of other people in preparation for the time when a new society can be brought into being. The Democrats and the Republicans are fighting amongst themselves and can no longer hold things together in the old way.( the in-fighting is sharpening to such an extent that even the Republicans are fighting one another and the Democrats, the same thing is happening). This is one of those rare times that Bob Avakian refers to, which creates an opening and cracks in the system so that revolution is possible. This Livestream is why new people need to come forward. The “Woke” Lunacy Vs. Real Revolution tour that is going on now, needs to be able to get to new places in different parts of the country. Imagine the debate and engagement like what took place at UCLA, bursting out at schools like C.C.N.Y (City College of New York) or Columbia University, Harvard, Yale, Brandeis, Emory, Howard, and so many other schools. Imagine the possibilities opening up then. This is why I donated to the Livestream and encourage others to do the same.

I recently watched Sunsara Taylor’s “Woke” Lunacy vs. Real Revolution Tour.

How exciting! How breathtaking! How rich! How liberating! Sunsara clearly demonstrates the rare and precious leadership we have in Bob Avakian by applying his new synthesis of communism and the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic of North America. This, combined with the “rare times” we live in, gives us a real shot at succeeding to a whole new, emancipating way to live.

I am donating $1000 to the Revcoms Fund Drive to kick off the next phase supporting ALL the work that is being done by the Revcoms.

From a woman who gave $200 right after watching Sunsara's UCLA Q&A #2 segment, where a young man was trying to reconcile why "woke" is a destructive force while it's used by conservatives in France to attack gays etc:

I WOKE up after hearing Sunsara answer that question. About how it's not so important about who uses the words, but about how it has to correspond to reality. I understand how the woke word began, and liked how Sunsara explained how it's been long past its  meaning, and now been used to quiet the decent people. I also liked how she said how we need to be world changing and not so much word changing. She touched my soul and that's why I made the donation.

From an environmentalist who donated to the revolution: 

As an environmentalist, I have come to see there is only one answer and that is revolution. The political parties are at each other's throats, world war looms. Now is the time, but not enough people know about Bob Avakian. Please give freely.

From Texas

I am sending in $200 that I raised for the woke vs. revolution initiative after the last livestream, when I set myself a challenge to step out of my comfort zone and ask people to contribute funds. I contacted a dozen people, but had one-on-one conversations with two people where I applied the method of asking them to contribute and then getting into the “why”. These were positive experiences, although I’m still learning about how to transform people from donators to contributors and how to create networks of support for the revolution – as opposed to support for “my cause.”  One person donated because he respects Sunsara Taylor and sees how spreading her talk Woke Lunacy vs Real Revolution can change the current terrible trajectory we’re on

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The other person who donated is a close relative, and although she already said she would donate to the woke vs. rev initiative, this time I told her that I am stepping up my commitment to revolution and encouraged her to ask me questions. First, she said congratulations, because she knows I’ve been studying Bob Avakian for a while and that I’m always quoting him and that I can’t stand the world the way it is. She also asked what it means to be a part of the movement for revolution right now. I said the most important thing is to quickly bring forward a revolutionary people and breaking the hold of woke lunacy on people’s thinking is a crucial part of that. We talked for a while about how deeply entrenched identity politics is, and she thinks it will take a while to change that, but she appreciated that the revcoms were stepping in to intervene and are a force that won’t be intimidated. Later she sent me $100 and pledged to contribute more when she could.

I know this is a small contribution, but it represents a leap for me, and I’m ready and excited to learn more, be bolder, and make fundraising an integral part of preparing the ground, preparing the vanguard, and preparing the people for revolution.     

At Houston Pride Fest: "In defense of LGBTQ rights and lives" and livestream poster.


Revcoms at the Houston Pride Fest with "In defense of LGBTQ rights and lives" poster.     Photo:

Houston Snapshot, Pride Parade, June 24

In the midst of accelerating repression legally and extralegally against LGBTQ people and rights, hundreds of thousands of people celebrated Pride on Saturday in Houston, June 24th, the night before the fundraising livestream for the revolution. This is a quick snapshot from a couple of small teams who took Proclamations, Livestream and “Stop the Fascist Attacks and Demonization of LGBTQ” people flyers to bars in the Montrose district, and a parade downtown, challenging people and inviting them into the revolution. 

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At Houston Pride Fest: "In defense of LGBTQ rights and lives" and livestream poster.


Revcoms at the Houston Pride Fest with "In defense of LGBTQ rights and lives" poster.     Photo:

At the parade, we had a display of signs with the livestream promotion and the slogan “In Defense of LGBTQ Rights and Lives, Fight the Power and Transform the People for Revolution”, mounted up high to draw people in.  Many people appreciated the revcoms strong statement in defense of LGBTQ rights – they both took up the flyer and wore the stickers.  In some instances, when we linked the patriarchy and white supremacy to the society shaped by the US Constitution, and contrasted that to the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America, it definitely got a positive reaction. Although faith in the Democratic Party was a prominent trend, some people talked about how that’s “not working out well” and that they feel something much bigger is going on – the usual “vote them out next election” approach won’t cut it.  Several people spoke about fascism and linked the attacks on LGBTQ people to attacks on voting rights and other rights. 

But the overall atmosphere was that it was “party time”, and we had a big challenge to break through that.  Groups of people setup under canopies to party, while all kinds of vendors hawked their goods.  Jesus preachers and Hebrew Israelites proselytized and demeaned people as they walked by — most people ignored them, some taunted them, mostly people looked at all this as part of what is “normal”.  Some people got annoyed at us for challenging them to get out of their safe space, while others were open to think about how the revcoms are working for a real revolution and a whole new emancipating way to live, as the Proclamation states. 

While most people wouldn’t stop to engage, materials got out broadly, some people said they’ll tune into the livestream on Sunday, and a few people said they’ll join us at a watch party of the livestream.

Over 500 of the materials we took got out. $100 was raised, mainly cash, but some online.

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Donating airline miles:

I have felt keenly that I am not doing enough to help bring about the changes needed to get rid of the stranglehold of out -of-control capitalistic oligarchy consolidating full-blown fascism. But I realized that I could donate my airline mileage to active revcom folks to join the tour. I contacted a friend, who put me in touch with the Revolution Club. I was so happy that they connected with me to get mileage tickets for Lapis and Leo [of the Revolution Club in Chicago] to get out to Los Angeles. It's so important to find a way to help even if one can't get out “on the street” so easily as before, especially supporting new leaders. I hope others who have some mileage built up will use it to support this cause.

Lapis and Leo from Revolution Club Chicago describe going to Los Angeles to organize for the "Woke" Lunacy vs. Real Revolution speech

Chantelle from Revolution Club LA on going to Frieze Los Angeles Art Fair to raise funds

From a retired ex-steelworker

Greetings precious people. I'm a Black, retired ex steelworker who donated $50.00 to this historically important $100,000 fund drive in support of Bob Avakian and the revcoms last month. A month has passed and I've gotten another S.S. check and I'm going to contribute another $50, to the drive this month and I will give as much as I can afford each month for the duration of the drive. I challenge everyone who feels the way I do to also pledge to make monthly donations of what you can. For some it might be $10. For some it might be $100. Or much more.

Why? I look at the grave dangers we face from the maga fascists and from the overall capitalist imperialist set up and then I listen to BA speak about how things don't have to be this way and then he gives a vision of what we need to do RIGHT NOW to have a fighting chance to get beyond this wack system and build a new type of society that we could thrive in.

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How do I put this? I recall hearing about groups of people in recent years who have gotten almost hopelessly trapped in caves who are trying to live, to find a way out to the fresh air. I could imagine that after searching for hours some would just sit down and say "we're going to die!" Others might keep feeling around in the dark for a way out. Under such circumstances if there was a smart guy with a flashlight saying “Follow me. I think I know the way out of here,” in a split second I'd light my cigarette lighter and say "I'm following that smart guy with the flashlight!" We're getting the hell out of here. I see Bob Avakian in that light. I don't want any of our lost youth with so much potential or middle class and intellectuals to say “Bob Avakian? Never heard of him.” This is a life and death question. One of the most important things going on in the world today (believe it or not) is the struggle to link up tens of thousands leading to millions with that "SMART GUY WITH THE FLASHLIGHT" and the revcoms to understand the world better and fight to change it.

Let's live meaningful lives. Take this drive out to the people. Read your Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America, watch the BA videos and The RNL Show, donate yourself, and lift your heads yourself and join the Revcoms and be makers of good history.

Read earlier statement

This letter was written in Spanish. The author then did their own translation into English.

Letter from a reader of the revcoms in Latin America.

I want to tell you that it is inspiring to have a revolutionary contingent in the bowels of the beast and a thinker and political leader of the planetary stature of Bob Avakian.

In these times, when all kinds of negative poles attract people, from religious fundamentalism, to jingoistic, postmodern relativism “woke,” the repolarization effort advanced by the revcoms is hopeful and it becomes an example for the people who all over the planet are thirsty for justice and believe that another future is possible, and that the current capitalist imperialist system only offers mass extinction, world wars, eternal patriarchy, xenophobia, repression and criminalization against the peoples of the world and obscurantism as a form of imposed thought.

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The current campaign that the revcoms are carrying out to raise US$100,000 (of which you can find out more here), is crucial for achieve that goal of putting the revolution on the map, as part of creating a completely different world.

Although, for legal reasons, monetary contributions to this campaign cannot be made from abroad, to avoid premature attacks by the ruling classes on the revcoms; this campaign is not alien to all of us who yearn for justice for this tormented humanity. Any effort to develop a true revolution in the United States, to advance on the road to the Constitution of a Socialist Republic in North America, must be supported, in all possible ways, determined by the ends that are pursued.

As they well say in their statement “WE ARE THE REVCOMS”: “To everyone who can’t stand this world the way it is... who is sick and tired of so many people being treated as less than human... who knows that the claim of “liberty and justice for all” is a cruel lie... who is righteously enraged that injustice and inequality go on, and on, and on, despite false promises and honeyed words from people in power (or those seeking power)... everyone who agonizes about where things are headed and the fact that to be young now means being denied a decent future, or any future at all... everyone who has ever dreamed about something much better, or even wondered whether that is possible... everyone who hungers for a world without oppression, exploitation, poverty, and destruction of the environment... everyone who has the heart to fight for something that is really worth fighting for: YOU need to be part of this revolution.”

This is a call that people even outside the US, like me, have received, and we have accepted it: We want to be part of this global revolution. We adopt the method and approach of the new communism, proposed by Bob Avakian and we are aware of the urgency and possibility of a true revolution, not only in the US, but in the other countries in which we find ourselves; this revolution has a global character, and the role of the revcoms in the US is fundamental, given the role that the US has in the world capitalist-imperialist system, as a superpower in the process of losing its hegemony, which it is challenged by its gangster rivals China and Russia, mainly.

The New Communism, developed by B.A., provides the method, the strategy and the plan to make a true revolution in the US and this is reason enough for it to be spread everywhere; For the revolution to be put on the map, resources are required, and it is very remarkable that the source of financing for this stems from the principle of “based on your own efforts,” through this fundraising of US$100,000, this guarantees not depending on bureaucratic forces or that are based on the BEB: Bourgeois Electoral Bullshit. Welcome to this fundraising campaign! Put the revolution on the map! Another world is possible, a communist world!


Chicago - 2K+ Yard Sale

This year our yard sale to raise funds for the $100,000 fund drive was our best yet. Past years’ garage sales have raised $1,000+ each. We were surprised and thrilled when at the end of the day, we had made $2,014! About $650 was on Venmo or Cash App. The rest was all cash.

A good team, good items sorted and well organized, a good location and broad promotion have been keys to our success.

Friends of revcoms from Refuse Fascism, Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights (RU4AR) and Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund (PRLF) have played a key role in carrying out the yard sales.  A common sentiment is that although they have differences with the full revcom program, their experiences in Refuse Fascism, RU4AR or PRLF have made them aware that the world is increasingly dangerous and needs a radical positive change. They continue to recognize and respect the revcoms’ work in that regard and they’ve wanted to support it.  The sale, a multi-person and multi-family affair, is a way to do that.

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These broader supporters have been very significant. They are predominantly from the middle strata and have numerous resources they bring to the project. In addition to contributing funds and quality items, they have loaned yard/garage space, vehicles to pick up items and storage areas for donations. They have volunteered to make and distribute signs in the neighborhood and at farmer’s markets. They have volunteered on the day and even provided sandwiches and drinks for the volunteers.

We communicated among the team mainly via an online chat expressing needs and progress. Since we’ve had annual sales, some people save items during the year.  Then several days before the sale, volunteers sort and organize donations and price the most valuable ones. We’ve learned it’s more important to have a well-organized space where people can socialize and “shop” than to have every item priced. For example, one section has clothing, much of it on hangers, and a mirror so buyers can see what they are getting. We’ve had talented volunteers who easily engage prospective customers as they pass by to draw them in. Another person has world music playing in his section as he demonstrates donated electronics. This atmosphere of enjoying the customers’ purchases as contributions to a greater purpose, not personal gain, sets a tone throughout the day. At the end of the day, volunteers said although they had worked hard to make it happen, they had enjoyed it and the feeling of contributing to the $100,000 campaign.

In 2021, a leap was made in forging a core of volunteers. We need to broaden that core now and are challenged to make another leap to involving many more who would like to contribute based on a deeper understanding that a better world is possible and fund raising in this way is a real way to contribute.

From a retired Black man in his 70’s:
“Hope to see you out on the front lines changing the world.”

To borrow a line from a Teddy Pendergrass song, it’s time to “WAKE UP everybody!" I am a retired Black man in my 70's. I have always attempted to be on the side of the masses of people. I have attempted to move Black people and humanity beyond the hellhole existence we're forced to live in under in this monstrous system in the U.S. and under the unimaginably monstrous worldwide capitalist imperialist system. I didn't get no pension. I live off my social security check and I am donating $50. to this fund drive because I think that our very existence could be affected by whether or not this pole of revolution, this Leader, political scientist BA and the revcoms with love in their heart for the people and his newly developed understanding of the world and how to change it is thrusted out broadly onto the political stage (and soon). Talking about the new communism. Wake up people and sniff the reality of the danger we're in and the potentially rare opportunity we may have to start building towards a brighter future. When I say wake up I'm not talking about the woke movement because that woke is not really woke. It's BS identity politics that separates all of our struggles and has us cancelling out one another over what's often minor differences like "you didn't use the right pronouns.” Its lunacy, it weakens us and has us chasing illusions. Don't know about you but I'm not big on placing bandaids on this cancerous system anyway.

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Even now, as Trump is indicted, the angry mob of Maga and the fascist fanatics are growing angrier and stronger. There are some among them who are just itching to march into the hood and start shooting folks. Wipe the sleep out of your eyes beautiful people this shit is getting serious. Are we gonna depend on Biden and the democrats to come and to protect us? I don't think so. Biden was a key architect of the laws that locked hundreds of thousands of us up.

What is needed now is for us to get scientific about our and the world's liberation and take this to the people. We can understand this stuff people!

We, including me, have grown intellectually lazy.

The truth and the road forward is out there for us to pick up and run with it and it's mainly concentrated in BA, the revcoms and this historically important new communism. We've got to check out and view the reading and videos of BA and the revcoms. We've got to reawaken the curiosity we had as children with adult maturity. We've got to develop a habit of questioning everything from a scientific perspective. Question BA and his writing's on that basis. He wouldn't have it any other way because that's an important part of making us fit to lead a new revolutionary society.

We need to take all of this to the people. They need it. We need to help raise this $100,000 to make further leaps. I know it won't be easy but I recommend people watching the videos of Sunsara Taylor taking this out to UCLA students. To me she's a model of how to take this out in a popular way to the people. We can do this. Hope to see you out on the front lines changing the world.

With love and respect,

NOTE: I am sending the $50 via Venmo.

From a reader:
Taking the 100k fund drive to a suburban farmer’s market.

For four Saturdays in a row, 2 or 3 Revcom supporters have gone to a farmers’ market in a progressive suburb to raise funds for the 100k fund drive using We Are the Revcoms broadsheet as the centerpiece. 

We made a 7'X3' sign we tied to a tree.  It had a big “DONATE” with We Are the RevComs broadsheet and the donate QR code.  We also set up a table on a walkway into the market.  The first two times out were not very successful in raising funds, only about $20 each time.  There were some good discussions, a number of broadsheets with the donate leaflet and the one for Sunsara’s Real Revolution vs “Woke Lunacy” tour got out.   

Display for Summer 2023 $100,000 Fund Drive at a suburban farmers market


Display for Summer 2023 $100,000 Fund Drive at a suburban farmers market   

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By the 3rd week we got better at creating an attractive scene and things began to pick up.  The Revolution Club gave us a bunch of t-shirts with “Forced Motherhood is Female Enslavement” and since they were already paid for all the sales money could go to the fund drive.  We made big prints of the colorful call for the livestream and hung those up.  We simplified our table making it more attractive and gave people the space to come “look.” The table had the flier for Sunsara program at UCLA and the 7 point indictment on how harmful woke lunacy is in society.  We added audio to play a loop of things like Annie Day’s call to support the fund drive ... loud enough that people could hear it from a distance, but not so loud that we couldn’t talk to people.  So we were creating a “scene.”

In the midst of this, we got better at putting donating front and center (learning from the RNL show and guidance at RevCom).  By the third time we raised over $100 and the fourth $150.    

The t-shirts were a real magnet.  They were hanging from the tree and worn by RevCom supporters.  People bought them as gifts for young relatives.  A couple of people wore them on the spot into the market and then someone would ask where they bought it.  We also started selling the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America.  We had this on the table with a smaller sign saying “compare THIS constitution with the U.S. constitution.”

People who bought t-shirts or the CNSRNA often gave additional donations.

Besides getting out hundreds of the broadsheet each week, we also got better at enlisting others to take up pre-assembled bundles of the broadsheet to distribute themselves.  These experiences show the potential:  A young man said he would post them in his apartment complex. A woman from an outlying very conservative area in the state took 50 to distribute at some coffee shops.  She felt “surrounded by GOP—I can hardly stand it.”  We told her we’re building the forces for revolution to go from thousands to millions, and now you’re part of it, she broke into a big smile “yes, I am!”   A young woman was enthusiastic about distributing 20 broadsheets in the suburb.  She said she hates “so many things” going on right now.  She said she would distribute them at a community garden where she works, and a coffee shop.  We told her “don’t take any shit.  Some people have a knee-jerk reaction to this.  Remind them how serious the situation is, tell them to take a look, not hide their eyes.”  She added: “and keep an open mind.”  

The thermometer for the 100k goal is updated each time we go out.  And as one person noted, we were obviously serious because we kept coming back. We plan to go back for at least the rest of June, changing things up and making this more provocative and challenging (for instance making a big display of the US constitution vs the CNSRNA or standing on the Russian and US flags). 

Taking the Summer 2023 $100,000 Fund Drive to a suburban farmers market


Taking the Summer 2023 $100,000 Fund Drive to a suburban farmers market   

There were a range of people who stopped by to get materials, donate and talk.  A white construction company owner (a capitalist as he put it) who bought the Constitution as did an older religious Black woman.  A woman who demonstrates vegan cooking (and gave us delicious samples).  There were some open-minded social democrats, independent Marxists, and people who had encountered BA in the past. In donating there were young parents who gave on the basis of the environmental emergency. When we could we showed them the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic and what it had to say about ecological sustainability as one of the three pillars of the economy.  Others were angry about the loss of abortion rights.  Others gave because something radical needs to be done.   Some people were alarmed about the rise of fascism.  We even met people moving to this state to get away from states like Utah and Florida.

Statement from a Vietnam Vet who donated $50 to the $100,000 fund drive

I was asked for a statement in support of Rev Club. So here it comes. Although I’m not the member or meeting type, I like Rev Club because it is edgy and it has chutzpah. Also, it is innovative in the way it conducts its actions and in the way it teaches, educates. Rev Club is also well disciplined. It often on marches has been the subject of harsh verbal abuse, but for the most part (well, 99% of the time) it has not responded with negative reactions. Rev Club members have physically restrained fellow marchers who want to react to the abuse with anger (I myself was restrained at times by Rev Club members).

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What really, really inspires me concerning Rev Club is the energy and spirit of its female members. One of the female members of Rev Club showed me a video of Sunsara Taylor’s talk at UCLA and I was really impressed. At first when I read a preview of the speech Sunsara’s denouncement of woke and cancel culture (whatever that is), and at first I thought that Sunsara was taking the approach of the Republican fascists to those terms. I was pretty confused. I called the female member who would eventually show me the video and she took the time to briefly explain Sunsara’s position on these terms. The video, of course went more deeply into the subject. Sunsara’s calm reaction to a disruption that included both verbal abuse and obscene gestures was really impressive. As for [the Rev Club member] she was on a tight schedule, but still took time to listen to parts of my life story before showing the video, causing her to have to rush to another engagement, she represented the Rev Club in the highest possible way. Without being a member, I intend to continue to march with Rev Club and will try to make a donation at each march. I know I’ve gone on and on here, so I’m perfectly OK with you editing out parts of this if you feel it is necessary. With you in struggle.

Statement from International Grad Student in Humanities, Columbia University

I first encountered the Revcoms through the May Day [May 1st, 2023] parade. It was a very fruitful event for me intellectually. I got to hear personal stories of a Haitian during the parade, who condemned U.S. invasions and interventions in Haiti starting in 1915. I also heard from Black citizens who refused to go to the Vietnam War, for “the true battle is against the ruling class and imperialism.” I heard people saying there is only one race and that is humanity. In the evening event at the bookstore that followed, I was invited to read a poem by a Gazan poet, who described the horrors and fears during an Israeli airstrike. People were really appreciative of my poetry reading, and I could sense solidarity in the air among people coming from some 10+ countries. It was really a fantastic night.

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Donating for the Proclamation and Sunsara’s tour:

I am donating $200 to popularize the Proclamation and support Sunsara's tour. Sunsara's talk at UCLA and the Q&A that has been released is so inspiring. What makes it so is the way she applies BA's approach and method to dealing with the challenges the revolution confronts. That approach is to premise everything on what is necessary for humanity to achieve emancipation and on that basis speak to the questions people have. Never going low and personal but always keeping the level on a high plain. This extremely principled approach, even when under attack, comes from keeping the people of the world at heart, including the possibility that those hung up in all kinds of wrong thinking can transform themselves. The Proclamation and Sunsara's tour has such huge potential to help change the terms of what exists.

From a $200 donor:

I’m donating $200.00 to the fundraiser because the suffering humanity goes through is unnecessary and through Revolution a better world is possible. I call on 5 others to donate $200.00 as well.

“Donating my tax refund…”

I sustain the RevComs & I’m donating my tax refund. I’ve been grappling with how fundraising is a central part of widening a movement of many people actively working for revolution.

From a long-time revolutionary donating $500:

$500 from a long-time revolutionary who now can see that because of the work that BA has done there is a way out. We could be in a time when there could be a real revolution. What would you give for that? I would like to earmark $100 for the Sunsara Taylor tour.

From donors making a $500 challenge:

A friend made a sizable contribution to putting revolution on the map in 2023, and I added an amount to make a $500 challenge for the livestream.

We feel that in order to get to a new world founded on the New Communism, the vision forged by BA, it's necessary to support all work going in that direction, like The “Woke” Lunacy vs. Real Revolution Tour, The RNL Show,, leaflets, programs….

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This clash of ideas is not only necessary, it is what the world needs to raise people’s sights, to aspire for the emancipation of humanity, to save the planet, and start resolving the major problems the people of the world face.

In whatever way we can, we need to be flooding the neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, with palm cards, leaflets, posters, the Proclamation, in a very consistent way so that people come to know about this Revolution, and this leadership, and why they need to support it by contributing to putting this Revolution and nothing else on the map.

Call to Donate to $100,000 Fund Drive from a Person Running with the Revolution Club

From a donor in NY:

It is my pleasure to donate $5k to the movement for Revolution during what feels like a very stifling time. I’m watching the RevComs go very hard with trying to breakthrough people’s low sights of just trying to get representation and a seat at the table for whatever crumbs they are willing to give out. I see the RevComs struggling with people, with love but tough love, to imagine a whole other way the world could be.

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I feel deeply that other people are yearning for it too but don’t see a real way out and haven’t yet been introduced to Bob Avakian’s new communism. Hoping this contribution helps put Bob Avakian’s new synthesis of communism in front of more people and makes it more accessible to those who are searching for a way out.

I too have been a bit demoralized by the aftereffects of the uprising but I always keep in mind this one thing BA says about how in countries where there was a revolution, it seemed like there was no way it would ever happen and afterwards they say it was inevitable. This is the idea I keep returning to when it feels impossible.

Hoping we get to a place where people say “it was inevitable”.

Much love to the RevComs!

Call to Donate to $100,000 Fund Drive from a Revcom Supporter in Los Angeles

Report from the Revolution Club, Bay Area

The Revolution Club in the Bay Area has been broadly distributing and deeply grappling with the proclamation “We Are the Revcoms (Revolutionary Communists).” Since May Day...we’ve taken this message out to several festivals, a flea market, and a farmers’ market. We’ve done all of this with the strategic orientation from Bob Avakian’s quote “Everything depends on bringing forward a revolutionary people…”

...It is not easy, but we are confident that if we persevere in this approach that we will bring forward a solid core of revolutionaries along with a presence and support base that’s built on the right foundation. Fundraising is really a key way through which people can become part of this movement. We look forward to putting revolution on the map this year together with others throughout the country and raising big funds in order to do so!

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Houston, May 28
Breaking into New Avenues for Fundraising

Our fundraising efforts up to this point had some difficulties breaking into new terrain. The Revolution article “Two Key Things to Do” made some helpful and thought-provoking points, including the orientation of taking the “fundraising letter from Sunsara Taylor  to universities, community colleges, and so on that are still in session… go to bookstores… go to programs addressing critical issues or artistic events that are dealing with important questions… and get this out and spread the word about The RNL—Revolution, Nothing Less!—Show special showing on May 26 of Sunsara Taylor’s May 24 speech at UCLA. Raise money utilizing her letter.” 

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Donation statement supporting Sunsara Taylor Tour: "Woke" Lunacy vs. Real Revolution

Getting out bundles of WE ARE THE REVCOMS:

A couple of us, friends of the Revolution Club in Chicago, have been systematically sending or dropping off bundles of the broadsheet to some of the many people we have known over the years along with materials about the $100k fund drive that they can distribute too. These examples show the potential we have found in doing this.

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A friend of the Rev Club, the father of another young man killed by the police, watched a download of The RNL Show’s Andy Zee’s presentation on the broadsheet with one of us. He followed along in the broadsheet just like the people in the audience at Andy Zee’s presentation. He found the experience very helpful and positive. He put them in the stores in one mini-mall on the southside of Chicago. He wants to get more very soon.

We met with a woman whose grandson was shot by the police years ago. She not only wants a bundle but also is buying several revcom t-shirts to donate funds and to wear to represent for the revolution. She gets out materials at her church and to friends and family.

We mailed 100 copies of the broadsheet and the call to donate to another long-time supporter whose nephew was murdered by the police. He now lives downstate and regularly gets packets of materials to get out in in the city where he lives.

We finally reached someone we did not have a snail mail address for. He is planning to come to the livestream showing at the Revolution Club organizing center and to get a bundle of the broadsheets and calls to donate. He said, “This summer I want to be ‘boots on the ground’.”

From a revcom supporter:

The [Sunsara Taylor speaking] tour is fighting to take on one of the biggest obstacles that stand in the way of getting lots of students involved in the movement for Revolution and that obstacle is: woke lunacy. Taking on this toxic concoction of American chauvinism, identity politics and cancel culture is key to breaking down this barrier and drawing forward this much needed section of people: the intelligentsia. I'm donating as a part of supporting the Revolution tour going on the offensive.

From Houston: The “Trolley Car Argument” to Donate

The trolley car argument was conceived by a sociologist. In it you are asked to sacrifice one human being by pushing them in front of a trolley car that will stop the trolley from a wreck that will kill all of the people in the trolley car. One life for the lives of many.

Let’s make some assumptions that I think can be argued are basically correct.

Our government is based on Capitalism.

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This Capitalism has led to Imperialism where our government in our name is trying to control the world.

In attempting this control Capitalism has initiated wars of conquest and subjugation.

This Capitalism has exploited many in the USA until many are now useless to them, and it sees incarceration as a means of control here.

This Capitalism has subjugated many outside our borders and ruthlessly exploited their labor. In many cases exploited to starvation and death.

Reform of this system has not worked. The rights that we won by hard struggles in the past are being rapidly stripped from us today.

There is a rift in our form of government, pitting two parties against each other.

This creates a rare opportunity for a “trolley-car event.”

That “trolley-car event” is a revolution to overthrow the Capitalism and replace it with a new form of government. The Capitalist class is a very small sub-part of the world’s population. They are the “one human being” in the Trolley Car Argument. The people in the trolley car who are saved are the rest of the human beings of the world.

Here are some other, facts, not assumptions.

The Capitalists will not buy into the assumptions above giving up and going along.

The revolution will need to involve many, many people.

Getting the many, many people will require organizing and struggle to get them convinced that there is hope and that this is possible.

This will involve a cycle of raising money to organize this struggle who will then contribute and help organize to win more people … until the real revolution is possible.

Some more facts:

The first round of organizing has happened. They are the Revcoms.

They need money to continue organizing.

That is where we come into play. Give money, give talent, join.

To conjugate: Singular, I give, I gave, I have given. Plural is needed, We give, we gave, we have given. This will lead to the change in Caesar’s dictum: We come, we see, we conquer.

Contributor to Sunsara Taylor “‘Woke’ Lunacy vs. Real Revolution” speaking tour:

I am contributing to help spread the Woke speech because this world hungers for a vision and strategy to orient itself around emancipation and that speech does just that. Close to one billion people face food insecurity, and needless wars for empire on the planet are creating a desperate situation. This economic system also colonizes people, demeans women and differently gendered peoples which creates even more desperation and lowers our sights in creating illusions of competing identities. In contrast, the Woke speech orients people to change the world based on how the world actually works based on science, and our common aspirations for emancipation.

From a person who crochets:

Greeting comrades. I am a strong believer that we need to change the conditions in this world, so to help make a difference and put revolution on the map, I will be selling crochet baby blankets and sleepers as gifts for any boy or girl; they make nice baby shower gifts for your friends or family members. Not only that, but “no more stolen lives, stop killing us” tee shirts. And “put the guns down, stop killing us” shirts!! Roasted peanuts and punching balloons. Let's fight for a better world. Help us put revolution on the map. We need revolution, nothing less!!!! Humanity first!!!!

In memory of a courageous warrior in Hawai’i:

I’m making this contribution in memory of Gwen Kim, a courageous warrior who never gave up on her dream of revolution and a world free of oppression.

Coming to political life in the late ‘60s, Gwen was strongly influenced by Mao Tsetung and the revolution in China and was an early supporter of the RCP, which continued until her death last week. While involved in local struggles, she exposed the workings of capitalism-imperialism in everyday language to the masses she worked with and linked struggles here to the struggles of the oppressed around the world. 

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Gwen embraced people from all ethnicities, classes and genders, had a deep love for the people, and a strong belief in the ability of even the most backward to transform. At the same time, she boldly spoke truth to power and harbored a special hatred for the U.S. military’s destruction of Hawai`i and its forcible occupation and colonization of the Nation of Hawai`i. In her later years she had health limitations but continued to speak out against fascism, attacks on abortion rights and LGBTQ people, was especially inspired by the heroic uprising of the women of Iran, and regularly shared articles from revcom on social media.

Gwen was well-known in Hawai`i for her involvement in struggles against mass evictions (Kalama Valley, Waihole-Waikane, Ota Camp, Sand Island, Makua Beach), anti-militarism (such as the bombing of Kaho’olawe Island, Makua Valley, and Pohakuloa), a founder of Nuclear Free & Independent Pacific, and many struggles demanding respect for Hawaiian cultural sites and practices (most notably, Mauna Kea), and many more.  She was arrested numerous times for standing for justice and defying the orders of the police and military.

Gwen was inspired by the works of BA, following them in the Revolutionary Worker and then, and identified herself as an “aspiring communist.” While she was on a fixed income, she traveled to the Continent to hear his historic speech in 2003: “Revolution: Why it’s Necessary; Why It’s Possible; What It’s All About” and BA’s Dialogue with Cornel West in Riverside Church in 2014. Those who attended the Dialogue will remember Gwen turning to a group of hecklers in the audience who interrupted BA while speaking and loudly and boldly telling them she had traveled all the way from Hawai’i to hear BA speak, and to please be quiet and show some respect.  

When I last visited Gwen shortly before her death, she recalled participating in a watch party for the December 2022 fundraiser and shared that while her time with us would shortly be over, she was especially moved by the young revcom leaders and the importance of The RNL Show to bring BA’s vision of communism to people more broadly, both here and around the world.  She ended by saying her life had been a “fabled journey,” had been better than she could have dreamed of, and that she was happy that she was leaving the fight for revolution in good hands. Gwen Kim truly lived “a life worth living.”

I invite everyone, those who knew Gwen, and those who share her dream of revolution and a better world, to join me in contributing to this fundraiser to really put Revolution on the map.

From Hawaiʻi:

We’re making this contribution in memory of Gwen Kim and our shared dream of a Real Revolution against capitalism-imperialism and a world free of oppression. Back in the day we had a slogan: “Revolutionary Fighters Step Forward.” In that spirit, we are especially inspired by young revolutionaries who are courageously stepping forward to put revolution on the map and to spread the works of BA everywhere as part of realizing our shared dream. Although we are limited in the ways we can be on the front lines like they are, we are proud to be part of a network to put making a real revolution on the map.

This is a bundled contribution from eight supporters.

From a writer in Texas:

Dear Friends: There is so much dynamism in what the revcoms have been doing over the past year. Airing the amazing 3-part interview with Bob Avakian. Breaking with the "gradualist" approach and transforming leaders from "movement activists" to "strategic commanders of the revolution." Leading with revolution to take on the woke lunacy that has become a destructive force in the ideological, moral, and political life of a whole generation—who need this revolution and have so much untapped potential to make history by winning a better future.

Read more

I am striving, while seeing and becoming more a part of the collective process, to bring alive the decades of work Bob Avakian has done to lay the theoretical framework and blueprint for the emancipation of all humanity from this putrid system. I'm donating the $100 I can afford right now, but also struggling with others to donate to something that truly promises to transform people and reality. A real revolution requires serious funds, and we have to be serious because the existence of humanity is truly at stake.

Revolution, nothing less!


Donate NOW to help put revolution on the map!

As the world burns, do you hunger for a future fit for human beings and the diversity of life on the planet?

Threats of nuclear Armageddon… racist murdering cops, abortion-banning theocrats, anti-LGBTQ terror… All this will only get worse unless and until we make a revolution to get rid of the system of capitalism-imperialism enforcing and furthering this nightmare.

To build this revolution... to make this revolution known... to raise people’s sights requires your financial support.

In this rare time when the rulers of this country are deeply divided and cannot “hold the country together”—the revolution we are working for is urgently necessary, and more possible.

Right now, we are working urgently to put this revolution on the map. This requires funds on a major scale.


Your donations contribute to:

  • Printing and distribution of the Declaration and Proclamation—a message on the walls that we don’t have to live this way
  • Promotion of the Bob Avakian Interviews on The RNL—Revolution, Nothing Less!—Show (voice of the revcoms) through advertising and major showings
  • Production of the website, where you get unique analysis of major events and trends, learn about the revolution and how to be part of it, and find the major works of the revolutionary leader Bob Avakian
  • Support the revolutionary leaders and committed young revolutionaries putting revolution on the map, who are anchored in Los Angeles