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Statements from Donors to the February 19 Fundraising Livestream


On the February 19 Fundraising Livestream: Bigger, More Revolutionary and More Participatory Than Ever!! statements were read from donors from all over the country.  See these statements below, think about them and share them with others.

Read earlier statements at What People Are Saying...,And Doing.  And read how people are taking up the Call to Raise  $100,000 Goal to Put Revolution on the Map in 2023!

Write about what you are doing and send to


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Statement to Livestream from Belinda, Cleveland

From a long time sustainer:

I loved the interview.  I have heard BA speak and read many of his articles.  With this interview you get much more than that.  It shows the human side of the revolution and its leader.  His sense of humor and his passion based on science!...

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When I look at the countless vicious videos of police murders I am filled with rage and a desire for revenge.  BA uses the science to show why the system must rely on terror and how it can't stop.  He shows that our future can't be driven by that revenge or we will become what they are.  There is a great need for us to break with things holding us back.

Look at Ukraine.  This is not simply a small country being invaded.  It's two imperialists fighting over control of parts of Europe with Ukrainians as the cannon fodder. When so many are going along with this, BA has fought for this from the beginning of the war.

There are a thousand and one things you can give money to help with suffering in the world.  Enough bandaids!   I contributed an extra $250 for this campaign to Put Real Revolution on the Map in 2023 and I'm asking everyone who can to contribute to the $100,000 campaign.  Spread the interview, support the RNL show as a way for us to grow and make this needless suffering come to an end.

From the Bay Area, CA: Raising Funds for $100,000 Fund Drive

From Texas: Why are you donating to the revolution?

From a musician: Why I support the revolution fund drive

From a 13-year-old who wants to do a lemonade stand next weekend:

I think people should donate money to this revolution because It’s for a good cause. It will help our system get better because we can all agree it fucking sucks.

From someone who attended the L.A. Watch party:

So you voted. We defeated the boogie man or at least that’s what they told you. We held our noses and chose the lesser of two evils one last time. And life went on, and for many, not much changed. In fact things have gotten worse for a lot of people. Somehow, even with the lesser of two evils in power, women still lost their bodily autonomy. Every day you turn on the television and we march towards World War III and nuclear destruction . Most of us still work 40 - 60 hrs a week and end up with minimal to no time to be with our families. Many of us work all week just to party all weekend and look each other in our numbed intoxicated eyes just to say “wow things are crazy” and that’s where the conversation usually ends....

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Well what if that’s not where the conversation ended. What if on the weekends we got together and instead of drinking and drugging we planned and organized for real systematic change, for a real revolution. We live in a world of extremely talented people whose talents are often wasted by trying to commodify ourselves to fit into this capitalist system. What if we used our skills and talents to make a new way. In my opinion that’s what the revcoms are offering. An opportunity to do something better with our time. To be constructive instead of destructive. To set the goal of a real revolution and to work towards that tirelessly and immediately. To focus our efforts towards what really matters today. Not some far off opportunity in the future when we’ve finally gotten our piece of the pie. We all know that day will never come and if it does come, we will just find another excuse to put off revolution and people will continue to suffer. People are suffering right now. Now is the time and these guys are the only people I see really doing it. 

From a Patreon sustainer:

I’ve been part of leading an RNL Circle involving people from different parts of the country, where we have a group call every week to discuss the latest episode. We are a diverse group coming from different backgrounds and we relate to the revolution in different ways. Some of us are ardent advocates of the leadership of Bob Avakian. Others are not, but they are deeply concerned with the state of the world, how to understand it, and what to do about it....

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Every week The RNL Show sets the stage for us to do this in bold, compelling, provocative and artistic ways. All of us have been and are continuously being transformed in this process. There is a desperate need for exponentially growing numbers of people to build community around the show in different forms. I felt compelled to become a monthly sustainer as a way to take more responsibility for making that happen, and I call upon everyone watching to join me in doing so.

From a donor to Patreon:

I am going to make a donation of $150.00 to put Revolution on the map in 2023. I
was deeply moved by Joe Veale's segment on episode 134 exposing the role of religion as a tool of the oppressers, how it is a mental chain consoling people in their misery.

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The audience of The RNL Show needs to grow because it is the only show that puts Revolution on the map and it introduces people to the revolutionary leader Bob Avakian and the party he is leading to make Revolution as soon as possible.

P.S. The skit done by Noche and Raphael was excellent. It was really funny and on time exposing the patriotic BS out there in regards to U.S. warmongering against China.

From a sustainer from Cleveland who donated $515:

Even though I'm a long-time sustainer, I want to contribute now to make this fund drive a success! The truth BA speaks, and especially the challenge for people to break with American chauvinism, is reason enough to get these interviews out.

From a sustainer:

I've been a sustainer since the tour started in LA. It is so important, so vital that people hear Bob Avakian. No matter what perspective you're coming from, whether you're thinking about how to change things or if you feel extreme sympathy for all those suffering here and around the world; if you are a thinking person, you WILL BE affected by BA.

He will Open your minds. He Will provoke you And he will challenge you

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He is not a cult leader! After hearing him speak and reading his work, I’m convinced there is no other single person with a firmer, more unflinching grasp on the dynamics of capitalism, its horrors and its profound limitations, and how it will never be a force for good here in the U.S. and especially around the world.

Last night I watched a clip from the recent interviews with a couple friends—the part about the oppression of women in the U.S. After watching, each of us had so much to say—we talked about how society could look if women were not exploited, why a system like capitalism cannot put an end to the oppression of women. It was a lively discussion and one that should be happening much more frequently. Instead people are busy making and watching Tik Tok videos.

I donate every month to the Revolution Nothing Less Tour because I want as many people as possible to get to know BA. Please donate to the tour, to the website, or the you tube show—Revolution, Nothing Less!. We have to penetrate the superstructure and for that, we need funds.

Are we going to sit by and watch this horror show go on and on or are we going to open our eyes and take responsibility for putting an end to it?

A text blast a watcher of the Livestream sent out to all of their friends and contacts:

Friend, I want to encourage you to watch this livestream today that will premiere at 4PM CT and to donate to the cause as much and as often as you can and to share this link with others in your immediate circle (friends, family, colleagues, etc.) and beyond and encourage them to do the same. This is principally a challenge, a challenge for you to take real control of your life and to be a part of forging a new path for humanity, a path where no longer millions of children will be deprived of their future, a path where no longer will the Earth be ravaged and destroyed, a path where no longer will the few powerful dominate and exploit the masses of vulnerable people in the world....

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Yes this is real, we are actively and consistently working to put Revolution on the map this year in 2023. Yes a real Revolution to overthrow this wretched system of capitalism-imperialism which is the source of all the unnecessary suffering that you see all around you. Yes a real Revolution to replace this murderous system with a socialist system on the road to communism and human emancipation. This however can not be done with out your financial support. So I ask once more if you’re tired of living in this backward society, if you’re tired of all the poverty, all the murder, all this unnecessary pain, join this revolution, be a part of this collective process to change the world, donate and actively work to more deeply learn what this revolution is all about as you apply what you’re learning. For what? To put an end to all this misery around us. For whom? For humanity and for the Earth.

From a sustainer in Cleveland:

I am a sustainer because the strategy and vision forged by BA is the only understanding of how to tackle the problems humanity faces that are commensurate to its magnitude. I live in a unique neighborhood, very diverse where many people know each other and are very engaged trying to make a difference through community activism. While their sentiments are positive there is resistance to really looking at the dangers the planet faces that will, and in most of the world has already, overwhelmed any individual community, or to look at the actual source of the problem.

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What these people, these communities, in fact the entire world needs, is not more grants for good causes or more discussions to overcome prejudice divorced from taking on the system that keeps people divided. What they need is to be introduced to BA so their highest sentiments can be realized through joining with the revolution. I am retired and wish I could donate more, but it is important for everyone who dreams of a different future to donate as much as they can to this cause, the only cause that can make a real difference.

Lawyer from New York on raising funds for the revolutionary fund drive:

Isabel Cardenas on Donating to the $100,000 Fund Drive

Criminal Defense Attorney in New Jersey supports $100,000 Fund drive


Recorded for February 19, 2023 Livestream to Raise $100,000 to Put Revolution on the Map in 2023

Revolution Books, Brother Al, for $100,000 fund drive

Why I am Donating, from a revcom in Texas


Recorded for February 19, 2023 Livestream to Raise $100,000 to Put Revolution on the Map in 2023

BA cuts through the bullshit

I’m no longer a teenager and I am older now, but in high school I used to shout “down with the capitalist-imperialists!” Then I went to work for a number of decades, and that was no longer my life. I protested, sure, and I went to town hall meetings… but I was depressed because of the tragic, inhumane militarized violence of this system. Then, these past years, especially with the fascism in the U.S., I knew I needed to dig deep to get a foothold....

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I’ve watched the new Bob Avakian Interviews. I learned Bob Avakian grew up in Berkeley, and took advantage of the opportunity to learn. I see how BA treasures his learning and experience in a genuine way, and in these interviews represents the revolution, and makes scientific sense. BA cuts through the bullshit. On a deep level I see big things happening and the dynamics of what is going on in this world. The funds I’m now contributing each month, as a sustainer, is so worthwhile.

Change Jars, etc from Chicago for $100,000 Fund Drive

Change jars, etc for fund drive

Counting the donations

From someone who donated $100 (Cleveland)

This is the second contribution from a supporter. He said it was because of BA's analysis that the war in Ukraine is not about national liberation. He liked the way BA took Sean Penn and "Little Steven" Van Zandt to task for their chauvinism.  

From a sociology professor who contributed $1,000:

I donated because the revcoms are right that this is a rare time and we need to instill in young people especially the hope that a new world can be achieved and the determination for revolution.

From Hawaii:

At a Honolulu watch party during last month's fundraiser we announced a garage sale on February 9th.  Participants gathered stuff from their friends and we made $738 at the garage sale while also strengthening a network of financial supporters.

Short statement from a young man who encountered the revolution at a farmer’s market and bought 2 t-shirts and a copy of  BAsics. He was instantly attracted to the fact that we are getting organized for revolution. He has since watched The RNL Show and been thinking of whom amongst his friends he can reach out to to get involved. He said he's been very pessimistic about change but upon meeting us, all that's changed. He has just started getting into BAsics and has a million questions and feels like he needs to learn more to be able to make the argument of why this is what humanity needs but he's open to learning as much as possible:

I donated to the revcom group because I believe in a more progressive, loving and abundant future for all of our local communities around the world.

From a Health Care Practitioner:

...The symptoms, poverty, violence, oppression... may be signs of the problem but no successful practitioner in any field of scientific endeavor confuses symptoms with root of the problems.

May we look to a practitioner who speaks to the cause of our problem and not our symptoms, only.....

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In times like these, many voices and opinions come forth: politicians, the clergy, media sources, and others. There are major concerns of police brutality, oppression of women, racism and war, and violence. These, and all other acts exist to inform society of an illness which warrants an investigation, a scientific investigation, into the disease which concerns humanity as a whole.

Why science? Science seeks to determine the basis of an issue, the root of the problem, recognizing that all problems have a source. They have a foundation. In fact, what we experience as diseases of society can be defined as (symptoms). Scientifically based, we experience symptoms of what ails us individually, and collectively. It is within this context, we should seek to remedy the disease so that the symptoms would cease. The symptoms, poverty, violence, oppression... may be signs of the problem but no successful practitioner in any field of scientific endeavor confuses symptoms with root of the problems.

May we look to a practitioner who speaks to the cause of our problem and not our symptoms, only.

The interviews given by Bob Avakian get to the fundamentals (source) of the problem. Take a fresh approach to understanding why things continue day after day, month after month, year after year! Be transformed in your thinking, and find a scientific answer to a scientific problem. It is where you need to look!

From An Advanced Medical Practice Clinician:

Over the last five years working as an advanced practice clinician in healthcare, I have talked to many patients about the situation in the world: the critical battle for abortion rights and how we have to stop the Christian fascist movement that wants the complete subjugation of women, the fight to stop the rise of fascism in the U.S., and the need for the emancipation of all of humanity and a better world. Many of my patients openly know and appreciate the work I do. A few of them have even joined me in the streets, at different times. Some have donated money....

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One patient, because he knows the kind of work I do and the internationalist view of the world I have, “The Whole World Comes First,” recently gave me $400 “for the cause” which went to The RNL—Revolution, Nothing Less! Show. He gave the donation because he has a clear understanding of how critical his financial support is, that without the financial support of many people from different walks of life and different viewpoints, we are not going to be able to change the world.

I, myself, donated $1,000 during the initial call for the $100,000 Fund Drive for The RNL Show, and I am giving $100/week until the Fund Drive ends. (I will also be giving on a regular basis to sustain The RNL Show.)  Anyone who has an ounce of humanity, anyone who wants a world where women can walk down the streets without the fear of being assaulted or raped, a world where people of color don’t have to fear for their lives while driving home, a world where people are no longer commodities forced to either sell themselves or their labor to eat, a world where we rely on the truth wherever it takes us, needs to be donating to this world-changing show!! Think of the inspiration The RNL Show will give to millions of people around the world who see it knowing there is a revolutionary force with a strategy and leadership to win right here in the U.S.!!

Get REAL Revolution on the Map in 2023!

Statement from Steven Rood, an Oakland attorney on The Interview

What I liked most about the interview with Bob Avakian was the warmth, humor, and directness of the real human being. Not the incisive philosopher and revolutionary—though he is marvelously both—but this person, with a past, with passions, with flaws, with modesty. I was not in the presence of a “god-man”; I did see a fully human man: his revolutionary challenge is, for me, made all the more powerful. Watching the interview also sparked my memory of having appeared as a lawyer in Spurgeon Avakian’s courtroom. I have gained greatly from both son and father.
—Steven Rood

From a retiree born in Iran on why donate to the REAL Revolution

I strongly believe there must be a revolution—a communist revolution, not anything else— a revolution going to reach the 4 alls, to eliminate all oppression. Of course this will not happen overnight, there will be a socialist phase.

Bob Avakian makes this clear for people, especially younger people like those in the Revolution Club. I really liked the Interviews with BA because he exposed what the world is really like, that we have to get rid of imperialism, capitalism, he tells people about [the U.S. coup overthrowing] Mossadegh in 1953, what the U.S. did to third world countries, how the war in Ukraine is by the U.S. and Russia both, wherever U.S. goes and benefits, they create war, they want the same for Iran....

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I strongly believe we should have a leader, a leader for practice and theory. Without a leader we are not going anywhere. Not like a religious leader, not like a boss at work, don’t get me wrong. But a leader to expose the system, to explain what is ideology, how humanity gets free. We’re old, we should encourage the young people, to take over, to be trained as leaders. I invited my daughter to watch the first BA interview with me, she said, “Mama, I am so proud of you in this role, fighting for the women.”

People are suffering, people do not have bread, like in any third world country. What is the cause, how long do people have to live like that? This is not the best of worlds to live in. We have to get rid of this system. Not the Shah, not Khomeini, not mullah or prince, the problem is the system of capitalism. As long as there is class, there is not democracy. My friends talk about “democracy in Iran”, this is not real, this is bourgeois. If there is democracy, where is the right to eat? Under capitalism there is no right to eat, no right to a place to live. People have to realize this is not the best possible life, people have to rise up!

When I was a little girl growing up in Iran, I used to try to help my neighbors who were so poor they did not always have food for their children. Now I understand that if you want to help, you should not give charity, you should support the organizations which are fighting to change the world. I am retired so I can’t give as much as I’d like, but my family gave $70 (during the first livestream) and I am giving $50 more. Each person should contribute, whatever you can afford, like communism “from each according to his ability.”

Sustainers of call for many more people to become regular supporters of this movement.

This is from two people who are monthly sustainers of and are calling for many, many more people to become regular supporters of this movement.

It is critical that this revolutionary pole needs to be planted out there. The urgency of this becomes sharper every day: the horrors of the U.S. proxy war in Ukraine, the rising contention between U.S. and China, the rising prospects of an unimaginable nuclear war....

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We need to compare and contrast the program of the revcoms, The RNL Show with the program and practice of others, including the Democrats who have no answers for the crisis that humanity faces. The Democrats were unable and unwilling to really defend Roe, instead, using it cynically to rope in people for the 2022 midterms, and still, Biden erases half of humanity by only speaking about reproductive rights in the State of the Union for 30 seconds.

There are different ways this revolutionary pole is being put forward. There is The RNL Show. There is the website. And the Revolution Tour. All of this. But the question is finding a way to put forward that this is a growing national movement that people need to be a part of, for people to actually recognize that—and that fundraising on an ongoing basis is critical to developing the revolutionary movement. The recent fundraising events that have gone on around the country and the collective spirit which has gone into them, this is all part of the process of actually making revolution. This is a way of putting the message out there. The message itself is more than just that we need to make a revolution, it’s like, what is the character of that revolution? This is a whole process, right? This is a part of building up forces, you know, for the revolution. It’s not like, tomorrow, “boom,” the revolution comes out of nowhere—but nor is it a gradual process—there are leaps that need to be made by the revolutionary movement, and contributing to this fund drive is a crucial part of preparing for when the time is right.

It’s not that people are not profoundly disturbed about what’s going on in the world—people don’t understand the underlying causes and potential solution. This is why the analysis BA makes is very, very crucial to get out there. The interview is a powerful, engaging challenge, along with the rare time analysis, to give people hope for the future on a scientific basis.