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In This Issue August 1, 2022

Doubling Down!… Fighting for Bob Avakian and His Revolutionary Leadership

As we wrote last week, the movement for revolution is in the midst of a huge and crucial battle, taking on and refuting the slanderous attacks against Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights, Sunsara Taylor and, in particular, Bob Avakian (BA)—attacks that have blanketed the internet in a number of major websites and other outlets, as well as social media (See Behind the Week of Internet Attacks on Bob Avakian and the Revcoms: Imperialist Fear Mongers and Their Servants, Bob Avakian Is Not a “Mad Cult Leader”: He Is a Deep Thinker and Profoundly Thoughtful Leader. An Open Letter to Fighters for Abortion Being Hit by This Accusation—And Others Who Are Hearing It by Sunsara Taylor, Opening Commentary by Andy Zee from The RNL—Revolution, Nothing Less!—Show, July 21, 2022.) This past Thursday, the Revolution, Nothing Less! YouTube show and, in particular, its host Andy Zee further went on the offensive, boldly stating:

it’s time to double down and do so with all the passion and scientific substance we’ve got. People need to know that there is a way to get free, that this system is not all there is or could be. And, that a better world IS possible.  ...

We double down on promoting and defending the revolutionary leadership of Bob Avakian because we have learned from the history of this country, how its rulers foment divisions among the people, demonize and isolate revolutionary leaders, and even eliminate them.

We double down upholding, defending, fighting far and wide for the leadership we have in Bob Avakian (BA) because to make a revolution anywhere in today’s world and especially in a complex society like this requires farsighted and rigorously scientific leadership.  BA is that and much more….  [Ed: Andy Zee then goes on to describe the whole new framework of human emancipation brought forth by BA, the new communism.]

We encourage all our readers to watch the full show, especially the opening commentary. Go here to see Andy Zee’s opening commentary and read the full transcript here.

For more on Bob Avakian, especially for new readers, we invite all to read the other powerful material on this site: Bob Avakian, A Different Kind Of Leader, A Whole New Framework Of Emancipation; Haters Who “Don’t Want to Hear About BA” Are Telling on Themselves; BA’s official biography; and a very moving excerpt from The New Communism on why Bob Avakian does the work he does.

In addition, and related, we highly commend readers’ attention to the following two new features: First, a segment we are inaugurating this week, featuring statements of support for Bob Avakian (BA), from readers of various perspectives and parts of society. We see it as especially timely and needed in the face of slanderous lies and attacks launched by various opportunist forces and media outlets that targeted BA—in the context of and in conjunction with vicious attacks on RU4AR (Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights), in particular on the role of the Revcoms and Sunsara Taylor in it. The installment this week includes voices of people from among those in society who most desperately need revolution. We will continue to publish other statements along these lines, and any statements RU4AR receives and publishes against these attacks. Second, some of these attacks have evolved to raise a controversy—and bogus charge—that communism is not a science, insinuating that it is a set of precepts of one person and setting the stage, therefore, for the charge that BA and the Revcoms are a “cult.” As a basic introduction, thorough refutation, and correct context, we recommend several excerpts from Ardea Skybreak on whether science can be applied to society and from Bob Avakian on communism meeting the criterion of falsifiability in polemic with and refuting a tired-old charge from Karl Popper, a bourgeois philosopher. 

As we wrote last week: “The point is this: answering these attacks—which are as potentially serious as they are utterly groundless—is critically important, and these are the tools to do that, for yourselves and for others.”

Important and urgent as it is to get this truth out now—and it is extremely important, given those potential dangers—it’s important to root all this in some even more bedrock objective reality: that humanity needs revolution and the new communism developed by Bob Avakian, and that revolutions are extremely complex undertakings that require extremely developed and high-level leadership. Over decades, Bob Avakian has worked and tackled the problems of how to make a real revolution in a highly advanced imperialist country such as the U.S., as well as how to create a radically new society that would enable people to flourish and struggle together, as part of overcoming all forms of oppression and exploitation all over the world.

Exemplary of this leadership, and of continuing importance is the historic work for this moment by Bob Avakian: Something Terrible, OR Something Truly Emancipating: Profound Crisis, Deepening Divisions, the Looming Possibility of Civil War—and the Revolution That Is Urgently Needed. A Necessary Foundation, A Basic Roadmap, analyzing the rare political situation in this society where revolution becomes more possible, and laying out a roadmap to wrench something truly emancipating out of the mounting horror—through revolution. As a concentrated application of the roadmap, use the Organizing for an Actual Revolution: 7 Key Points as the guide in building the movement for revolution. Whether you are just learning about the revolution and Bob Avakian or are active in the movement for revolution at this moment of possibility, wage struggle with people, serious struggle, ferocious struggle to get into this and take this up. For here is the cardinal point in all this:

The masses of people—basic masses and people of other strata, or walks of life, as well—desperately need the leadership of BA and the new communism, even though in their masses they don’t yet know it, and some who do are resisting it. 

We urge readers to take a moment (or more) and reflect on this:

How often do the masses have a situation where they have such a leader?! And this takes on particular significance in this “rare time,” a time in which a revolution could actually be made—a time which must not be squandered and wasted. Anything and anyone that obstructs the means by which these masses come to know this and take it up is doing great harm, even as it is important to distinguish between those who consciously and actively do this and those who are simply “spontaneously” following the prevailing trends, putrid as they are.

We also cover much else this week that both relates to this but gets into many different aspects of the situation humanity faces and why all of this urgently calls out for revolution. Dig into and spread these articles—and be sure to tune into the Revolution, Nothing Less! YouTube show this Thursday for more hard-hitting truth! In this context, we urge readers to view this segment from this week, on the campaign to make this show a BIG DEAL with increasing impact on larger and larger sections of society, with a concerted systematic immediate effort to bump up and grow the audience manyfold—as a critical part of MAKING REVOLUTION, of impacting society and accumulating forces for Revolution!  

Included in this issue:

* Something Terrible, Or Something Truly Emancipating: Profound Crisis, Deepening Divisions, The Looming Possibility Of Civil War—And The Revolution That Is Urgently Needed. A Necessary Foundation, A Basic Roadmap For This Revolution

* Organizing for an Actual Revolution: 7 Key Points

* Bob Avakian: A Radically Different Leader—A Whole New Framework for Human Emancipation

* Countering the Attacks on Bob Avakian and the Revcoms

* The Fight for Abortion Rights

* Manchin and Democrats’ Climate Bill—Bullshit of “Historic” Proportions

* Memo to the New York Times: Yes, It IS “Hard to chart new courses on foreign policy”… WHEN YOU’RE IMPERIALIST GANGSTERS!

* 1 in 3 People Gunned Down by Pigs Were Running or Driving Away From Their Killers

* Remembering Bill Russell, the Greatest Champion of All-Time and a Champion for Black People

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