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Weapons of Oppression, and the Heart to Fight to End Oppression

Bob Avakian discusses: How can the youth, who are now killing each other, be inspired and challenged to become part of the revolution for a whole different world?

The system of capitalism-imperialism has ravaged the earth... What is urgently needed is system change to deal with climate change.


The Destruction of the Planet by Capitalism-Imperialism,
by Bob Avakian, an excerpt

UN IPCC Report on Climate Change: A More Accurate and Alarming Picture of Peril Facing Our Planet

An excerpt from The RNL—Revolution, Nothing Less!—Show

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“...a distilled discussion of the theory, strategic orientation and objectives of the communist movement as this was developed from the time of Marx and with its further development and synthesis with the new communism”
— From the Preface
For anyone who yearns for a different world, one free of all forms of oppression and exploitation, where all humanity could truly flourish and where the planet could thrive, this thought-provoking work from Bob Avakian is essential reading.
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Fight the Power, and Transform the People, for Revolution

“...we have two choices: either, live with all this —
and condemn future generations to the same, or worse,
if they have a future at all—ormake revolution!

—Bob Avakian

We need an actual revolution—we need to overthrow this oppressive system and bring a radically different and much better system into being—and we are building a movement for this revolution now: working to bring forward and organize thousands of people, now, who are taking up and getting trained in the strategy and theory of the revolution brought forward by Bob Avakian (BA), and are moving together to apply this now to “hasten”—to influence and develop things toward—this revolution, so that we can lead millions to make this revolution at the earliest possible time, as soon as the necessary conditions for that have been brought into being.

To know and change the world,
get into Bob Avakian and the new communism

“Bob Avakian ... on the basis of decades of hard work [has been] developing a whole body of work—theory to advance the science of communism, to advance the science of revolution, to more deeply explain where the problems come from, what the strategy is for getting out of this mess, what the methods and approaches should be to stay on track and actually build a better world, to build a society that most human beings would want to live in.”
Ardea Skybreak

BA Through the Years 1969,1979, 2003

View Bob Avakian speaking in 1969, 1979, and 2003

1) This system of capitalism-imperialism is the source of endless horrors for the majority of people in this country and all around the world, and it is increasingly threatening the very existence of humanity. We are actively working for an actual revolution—to bring down, to overthrow and completely abolish, this whole system as soon as possible and replace it with something radically different and much better, a new society built on an entirely different foundation... READ ON
2) We are followers of Bob Avakian. And you need to become followers of BA too. He is an old white guy—yes, deal with it! He is providing ongoing leadership for this revolution, and he has a whole body of work... READ ON
...there does have to be another explanation about the world and existence and why this is the way it is, and how it could be different. READ ON


These 5 STOPS present TWO CHOICES to the people: Either live with this and the oppression will go on and on, or, as BA says, make revolution! (From the speech, Why We Need An Actual Revolution And How We Can Really Make Revolution.) And, if you want to be a part of making revolution, you need to spread the word of the revolution and GET ORGANIZED—and the 6 POINTS OF ATTENTION provide the principles by which you can do that.
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